Greetings from the front

David Evans has been working like a demon lately. I’ve a huge backlog of stories and articles he’s sent me. Some of the most remarkable stuff he’s been sending me lately are scans of items from the personal collection of local lady Jenny Langford. Amongst the keepsakes and memorabilia that Jenny has kindly allowed me to publish here are these interesting and poignant postcards from the First World War.

David had this to say about these cards:

Hi Bob

From the brother of Charles Collins, of Walsall Wood Express transport, to John Langford,

From active service with South Staffs in WW1 to home. These were called blueys and the postcards were printed by French photographers and could contain no message. I hope to work with Jenny to build an article around this incredible find.



Interesting subject for the postcard… courtesy Jenny Langford and scanned by David Evans.

When a name and village was all it needed for the postie to find you… courtesy Jenny Langford and scanned by David Evans.

Still scan’t get my head around the subject matter. Image courtesy Jenny Langford and scanned by David Evans.

Remarkably, 97 years old. The significance echoes down the century. Image courtesy Jenny Langford and scanned by David Evans.

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  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    many thanks for putting these cards on your blog. Your readers may like to read about this part of is of great importance fo the French and, later to the American allies who fought there. gives an excellent history of some of the terrible events that took place there.

  2. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    perhaps easier to try.”.forest of argonne ” gives “wings of valor..the lost battalion in the forest of argonne…”

  3. IVOR OSBORNE says:

    Hi Bob Read your interesting blog for the first time,the walsall wood boys’brigade football photo was of the may 1959 cup final team which was played @ villa park , walsall wood won 2-1 also i am now involved @ walsall wood f c and we have many photos of past teams hanging in the clubhouse so if anyone would like to see these photos they are most welcome to come and see us.

  4. Trevor Brown says:

    Hi Bob, Hello from Australia, Could I be cheeky and say hello through your blog to Ivor Osborne who I new when we were lads in the Walsall Wood Boys Brigade, I have not seen him since we were about 19,
    Hello Ivor hope that you are well, I’m glad that you saw the BB football team photo that I sent to to David Evans who then posted it on Bobs blog, also say hello to Dicky Greenwood for me when you see him please,

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  6. Mike10613 says:

    Nice cards, I have some, like them. My grandfather was in WWI too and served in France. I live in Wednesbury – not too far away.

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