Part of the establishment

Oh dear, it looks like I’ve been assimilated.

Last week, I posted an oddly popular piece entitled ‘Why I ride’, containing some videos and a short essay on why I’m so keen on cycling. I wrote this at the request of Walsall Council’s web team, who wanted something new and personal to use on the council cycling pages. Good to their word, I’m now published on the Walsall website, videos and all. I stupidly pleased about this. My relationship with the council politically has been on occasion quite strained, but on the whole I support the officers and folks on the ground doing the day to day stuff. That I was asked to do this by them is flattering. Cheers, folks.

The finished result can be seen on the Walsall Council website or by clicking the screenshot below.

Good grief... it seems so official... click on image to visit the site.

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2 Responses to Part of the establishment

  1. Kate Goodall says:

    I think it’d be great to see more stuff like this on the Council website.

  2. Rather than seeing it as being assimilated, try seeing it as being pioneering, it is a coup for us to have BrownhillsBob write a piece on cycling for the website, and we hope to be able to give more pages over to more local people in the future. I thank you again for doing this for us, and hope that more people follow suit, after all, the council website is for local people – let’s use it to give residents a voice as well as giving out information 🙂

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