The graduate – Part one (via The Plastic Hippo)

The Plastic Hippo has turned out one of his best posts yet, and that’s saying something. This is pointed, prescient and precise. I have yet to meet anyone at all in the field of education who thinks that Gove is doing a good job. This government seem hell-bent on bombing the education of the working class right back to the fifties, and are trying everything from fake ‘apprenticeships’ in no-longer extant manufacturing (Youth Opportunities by any other name) to the £9,000 student fees designed to scare the poor from a decent higher education.
I lived through Tatcherism. One thing I’ll say for the old crone is that you knew she hated you and what you stood for. This government haven’t even got the decency to face us down. Not on education, not on welfare, not on cuts. Quite simply, they are a disgrace.
Read this and be angry, very angry indeed.

The graduate - Part one So another academic year draws to a close in Walsall. It is a time of transition, reflection and celebration and a wonderful opportunity to reconsider just how Michael Gove, along with Serco, can be utterly useless and evil all at the same time. Attending a Year 6 graduation ceremony, a few tears had to be wiped away as the immaculately well behaved 11-year-olds in their caps and gowns received certificates from some local dignitary. Sadly, the t … Read More

via The Plastic Hippo

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