Lichfield Road, Shire Oak – one way running next week


Good morning, fellow lemmings...

A few folk seem concerned about an upcoming road closure in Shire Oak, so I just thought I’d publicise it here.

From Sunday, 10th April 2011, traffic will be one way only on the Lichfield Road, Shire Oak, between the Shire Oak pub and Street’s Corner, Walsall Wood. Vehicles will only be allowed to travel in the Walsall direction. Those travelling from Walsall to Lichfield will be diverted along Brownhills Road/Lindon Road and are then to turn right up the Chester Road to the Shire Oak crossroads to rejoin the A461 Lichfield Road.

As a consequence, traffic will be one way only on the last stretch of Lindon Road between Chandler’s Keep and the Anchor Bridge, and traffic that would turn right from High Street into Lindon Road is diverted up to the Shire Oak Junction instead. This is done to facilitate easier right turning by the diverted traffic. It’s not clear if temporary traffic lights will be in operation at the Anchor Bridge junction as they have been in previous cases.

This system is expected to remain in place for two weeks until Monday 25th April 2011. The work is to facilitate junction modifications for the new Morris Homes development, Shire Oak Close, on the site of the former reservoir.

This information has been lifted directly from the Walsall Council’s weekly roadworks update, kindly sent to me each week from the Grey Lubyanka.

Looks like fun times ahead…

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1 Response to Lichfield Road, Shire Oak – one way running next week

  1. Facade66 says:

    Obviously simple-minded as I am, I can’t see why they need to recreate the last fiasco (from the gas main work), when simply making the Lichfield Road one way UP from Walsall Wood to ShireOak would mean that traffic would turn INTO Lindon Road from Chester Road, with no need for any restriction or temporary lights.

    Ho hum, I suppose the planners must know something that I don’t………………

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