Cautionary tale from The Guardian – ‘This town has been sold to Tesco’

A fascinating, grim article in The Guardian newspaper by Anna Minton. Recommended reading for anyone interested in the way Brownhills is being carved up for the retail behemoth.

‘This town has been sold to Tesco’ – Are towns built by the UK’s leading supermarket the future of urban development?

I’ll be returning to the subject of our retail future in a post later this week. Thanks for your contributions, and it’s interesting to note that the Monday after I posted about the new Tesco development, the Express & Star picked up on the story (Hmmmm….) and my post does rather seem to have caught Walsall Council, Tesco and the local press on the hop. It seems odd somehow, that one of my articles seems to have apparently set the tone of the debate.

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2 Responses to Cautionary tale from The Guardian – ‘This town has been sold to Tesco’

  1. Liz says:

    Yes, your “article” was clearly stolen. You must be the only one who can log on to the Council website and have a look at planning applications…

  2. Hi Beth, sorry, Liz.

    You’re a tad sensitive, if I may be so bold. All I said was ‘Hmmmm….’ – should the good ol’ E&S wish to bandy words, I’m sure they’ll do it on their own behalf, and honourable enough to do it in their own name if necessary. However, your input is as always, welcome.

    Whether the staffers at the local paper can actually ‘log on’ may be in question since they seemed singularly unable to find Shire Oak in Google Earth, as can be seen in this incident.

    Quite why any reference to the local daily draws such opprobrium from your direction is a mystery. It’s generally good humoured, and I’d point out that if the traditional media weren’t so hostile, there could well be a better environment for all those interested in local events.

    Remember, most of us in the blogging community are doing this for interest, not money. Every time we link to one of your – sorry, their – stories that generates the E&S traffic. It’s sad that the reverse isn’t seen to be true.

    I’m just a local banging on about stuff I’m interested in, mainly for fun, and to share stuff with my small readership. That’s all. Contrary to your previously expressed opinion, the highlight of my life wasn’t getting a mention in the E&S. I’m an adult, I’ve discovered more gripping things, like cake, rock music and beer.

    The highlight of this experience has actually been discovering that I’m able to write something coherent enough to engender a response.

    Best wishes.


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