Upcoming road closures in Brownhills

I’ve had a couple of queries – in person and by mail – as to what’s happening with the roads around the Shire Oak area in the coming week or so. The signage around the area pointing up the works in question – by Gas Alliance who are laying new mains – has been a bit on the confusing side, so I contacted Walsall Council via Twatter to see what they knew. There are actually two sets of works, which is what seems to be confusing matters. Dan Slee, Walsall’s Press Officer, has kindly sent me details this afternoon, which are as follows:

‘As far as the works planned for Brownhills coming up there are gas main repairs planned by the Gas Alliance.

At A461 Lichfield Road, Shire Oak there will be a temporary one way traffic light system from 50 metres north of the junction with A452 Chester Road to its junction of A452 Chester Road. This is likely to last for five days and is due to start Friday April 2.’

I understand this to mean that there will be work on the A461 Lichfield Road, running downhill toward Sandhills for 50 meters. Signage at the junction seems to be indicating that no turn will be possible towards Lichfield, and that alternative routes will involve Chester Road, Ogley Road and Barracks Lane. At least it’s been scheduled for Easter Week, when the rush hour disruption should be minimised.

And also, potentially more troublesome:

‘There will then be work starting in Lindon Road which will see the road closed at the junction with Chester Road from April 6 to 18.’

That one will be particularly disruptive, and I would expect heavy volumes of traffic to concentrate on Friezland Lane – which, considering it’s current poor state, it is hardly appropriate for.

I hope that clears things up a bit. Dan has kindly agreed to put the Brownhills Blog on the circulation list for notification of such works, so hopefully it’ll be a bit easier to keep readers informed in future.

The current state of Friezland Lane, don't attempt it without an offroad vehicle and emergency supplies.

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