Are you happy now?

I never liked yellow anyway.

It was with sadness today that I noticed that the hoarding surrounding the Housing21 development by Anchor Bridge has been repainted, obliterating the vibrant, fun street art mural created by local kids during the summer. Whilst I have no idea what the reason was, I sincerely hope it wasn’t due to the high-pitched whinging by an overly vocal minority of the town’s finest moaners. The fun, bright artwork was a talking point, a burst of colour in an otherwise drab urban landscape, has now been replaced by a vivid, migraine inducing yellow that seems sure to form a delightful blank canvas to the less creative numpties that seem to continue daubing the town unchallenged.

It’s a shame that whilst the work of moronic Malpas continues to go unerased (Walsall Council don’t seem to care much about that), a true creative, collaborative enterprise has been removed. What better way to destroy any belief these kids may have developed in themselves, their community or indeed in authority itself than to destroy a thing that they worked very hard on and must have been rightly proud of. Well done guys, I bet your mothers are proud of you.

At least Marjorie will be happy.

Spotted by Pier Street pedestrian Bridge, Christmas Eve, 2009. An entire community wishes the ice had been thinner...

On a related note, a female companion of Mr. Malpas actually left a somewhat foul mouthed comment here some time ago defending him: clearly none too bright, she used her real email address which just happens to contain her name. So if you’re reading this, Miss Neville, you spell ‘wanker’ with an ‘er’, not ‘aa’.  You may also have meant ‘absolutely’ instead of ‘apsolutly’. Kids today, eh?

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  1. fat prophet says:

    What a great shame that the boards have been painted over. After reading a previous post here I actually rode over to look at them and thought they were at least as good as some of the stuff in the art gallery and in some cases far better.

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