Winter colour

I’ve been thinking for a while that it’s about time we had a photo update. As this particularly cold winter draws on, I have come to reflect on some of the photos I took over the Christmas period. As is usual for my photography at this time of year, my subjects have been predominantly dark, but it’s surprising just how much colour can be present in this, the coldest and cruelest of seasons. Heres to Spring, lighter evenings, green shoots and warmer days.

Night ride home, Hilliard's Cross, overlooking the A38 south, 4:37pm, Saturday 12th December 2009

Red frame, white light. Blithbury, Staffordshire, 4:57pm, Wednesday, 23rd December 2009

New moon on Monday, Hints, Staffordshire, 4:57pm, Sunday 20th December 2009

The next service may be subject to delay, Chester Road, Shire Oak, 9:52pm, Tuesday 29th December 2009

Return to the Fauld, Coton-in-the-Clay, Derbyshire, 3:06pm, 26th December 2009

A full head of steam, Handsacre, Staffordshire, 5:17pm, Wednesday, 23rd December 2009

A deserted, frozen Chasewater, Staffordshire, 11:16am, Saturday 2nd January 2010

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6 Responses to Winter colour

  1. Mick_P says:

    Some great pics Bob. Love the one taken in Hints with the tree silhouetted against the night sky. When I was back in Pelsall for Christmas I took a few atmospheric shots on the common:

    • Mick_P says:

      … by the way, if people do want to see the Pelsall shots, don’t click on the ‘Snap’ pic that pops up of some kids with snorkels. God knows what that’s all about. Just click on the link itself that I left.

  2. stymaster says:

    I’m loving the Hints & chasewater ones. Can I get a high-res download for a wallpaper?

    • Yeah, it’s easy. If you click on the image in the blog post, the Panoramio page opens up. Click on the image there, and the full size one will download in your browser.

      Take a shufty through my Panaramio gallery – got lots of other photos in there.



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