Warning: Attempted break in to occupied house in Shire Oak

A warning here for readers of the blog throughout the area, but particularly in the Shire Oak and Walsall Wood area, where on the early hours of Wednesday 1st November 2018 a resident of Shire Oak suffered an attempted break in while they were at home.

Be vigilant throughout the area, but this latest incident was oil Shire Oak. Imagery from Apple Maps.

It’s thought the culprits – four youths – were attempting to steal car keys.

The reader said:

Hi Bob

I thought I would just let you know so that you can perhaps get the word out there for people to be extra vigilant and more aware of security.
We had an attempted break in on Wednesday 1st November at 1:25am at our house in Commonside.

Four youths tried to gain entry via the front door while we were asleep upstairs. They have smashed the lock on the outside of the door and had almost got in, but luckily for us we heard the noise as they snapped the outside of the door handle and I went down to investigate and they ran off when they heard me opening the door.

We called the police and I showed them the CCTV footage that I had captured of the youths as they walked on to the drive. I have not included this as the police now have a copy of this.

The Police seem to think it was an attempt to get access so they could get keys to steal the car as there has been a huge spike in this sort of crime at the moment and Aldridge is being targeted as well.

We have now changed the lock on the door to an anti-snap one and are looking at extra ways to boost the overall security. I would recommend to anyone to look at changing to the anti-snap locks after seeing how easy it was to snap the one we had in place.
Many thanks Bob and for all the good work posting all the useful information.

Lock snapping exploits a common vulnerability in a lot of older doors and more can be found out at this link here. Many window and door companies offer upgrades: Get several quotes and do shop around.

Anyone with information on this or any other such incident is urged to contact West Midlands Police by dialling 101 or you can speak to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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