Woodmen give it five to send Uttoxeter home defeated

Pictures and captions Kindly supplied by the young David Evans.

Yesterday evening (Tuesday 18th September 2018) Walsall Wood FC faced down weekend away rivals Uttoxeter Town who had, on the previous Saturday held Wood to a two-all draw.

I’m pleased to note the the Woodmen won on home turf, in a high-scoring game that ended five to four in favour of the home side.

David Evans was there, and enjoyed a great game of football:

Hi Bob

Walsall Wood 5 v 4 Uttoxeter Town

On the floodlit magnificent green grass real lawn that is the  football pitch at Oak Park, the replay of the weekend away match that ended in a two-all stalemate was set to take place.

Numerous away supporters, some not seen at Uttoxeter last Saturday brought their presence and views to this stadium . We were expecting a thriller of a replay match. We were not disappointed.

The visitors started the contest with swift and effective play, sometimes to great effect, and to some measure of consternation among the home side. In what was a nightmare of a first half they were three goals ahead and Walsall Wood seemed to be in shock at this moment. Uttoxeter’s  passing and running was accurate and effective.

The barracking given by the away bench of the referee jarred uncomfortably in my mind and detracted from the fine sport on display by both sides  on the field of play.

The second half saw a revitalised home team emerge after enjoying  a cup of tea and cucumber sandwich with the manager. A different approach and different tactics to grind away at the questionable stamina of the opponents was employed. A pro-active scheme was rolled out.

The full time score was four goals to each side, Walsall Wood playing a magnificent mature game in the second half to achieve this.

Extra time was full blooded football where the maturity and skill of the seasoned home side won through.

The final score was five goals to Walsall Wood, four goals to Uttoxeter Town. Uttoxeter will have learned much from their two FA Vase matches against Walsall Wood and the experience they have gained here will be remembered for a long time, I feel.

The following footage from the weekend away match at Uttoxeter was posted by the ever-excellent The-Wood.tv and Russell Smith last night:

Cheers to David and Russell, the faithful and of course the players. For the Good of The Wood!

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3 Responses to Woodmen give it five to send Uttoxeter home defeated

  1. David Evans says:

    my apologies..the score stood at four goals each at the end of normal time

  2. Eric Mann says:

    Bob, I think we can all agree that the ref last night was shocking! Had a competent ref been officiating last night, Walsall Wood would have been reduced to 9 men! Fact. If you could see some of the damage inflicted off the ball on some of our young lads you would be horrified! Walsall Woods Captain (6) Mitchell Tolley should be ashamed of himself, if Walsall Wood look for the qualities he displayed last night off the ball then someone at Walsall Wood needs to take a hard look at themselves! There is being a strong leader but the stuff he got upto last night is just down right despicable and shouldn’t be present on a football pitch! What adds to the injury to the young lads from Uttoxeter Town on the receiving end of such behaviour was that it was happening right under the nose of the ref who turned a blind eye to it all. My views & words are my own an welcome any constructive response to my observations.

  3. BrownhillsBob says:

    Ah, Eric.

    I wasn’t at the match in question, but something you’ve done here has made me question your account of matters.

    I note that before this comment was approved in moderation, one of your pals on Twitter tweeted a screenshot of it at me, including the ‘awaiting moderation line’ – see the image below:

    Note that the time, ‘…awaiting moderation’ etc. are all from your account or someone with access to it, as only a comment author gets that view.

    By screenshot ting this, and posting it publicly with my site name, you seem to be implying some kind of endorsement by me, of your views. Without any such endorsement being made.

    I find that jolly unsporting, and disingenuous.I’d expect a sporting gentleman to apologise for what can only have been a careless oversight.

    Here’s the tweet:

    Now, I wasn’t overly concerned about your protracted grumble, but this lone action made me dig deeper. People present at the match last night have told a different tale: That of constant attrition of the match officials authority by one or two visiting fans, and of disrespect to other spectators.

    Given your interest in fair play, I hope you’ll be seeking those people out and having words.

    From the vast majority of accounts I’ve sought, yours and that of your pal on twitter seem at odds.

    It’s all very curious.

    have a good weekend

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