May I make a correction?

An interesting mail winged its way in here a couple of weeks ago from longstanding reader Keith Jemison-Mills who was a pupil at Ogley Hay School and featured in a couple of the wonderful May Day celebration photos we’ve featured here over the years.

Keith has pointed out that the images he’s in were actually taken by his father, Bob in 1956, whereas they were originally thought to be from the early 1960s.

I feature the images and original post here again, and invite comment. I trust I’m right about which lad is Keith, too…

Thought to be Ogley Hay Infants in the early 1960s, courtesy of Janet Bullock, this now seems to have been 1956. Keith Jemison is the lad holding the flowers I think with the dark hair.

Afternoon Bob.

My name is Keith Jemison, brother of Bob Jemison, and I am the little chap holding the flowers in the shot of the May Day celebrations in 1956. I remember because I was just five at the time. I am at the bottom of the steps helping one of the ‘big girls’ down the stairs in the other image. (My father Bob Jemison took the shot).

It was originally thought this image was early 60s: It seems to be 1956 and taken by Bob Jemison, his son Keith left. Image Kindly donated by Kate Dixon and Linda Whitehouse.

I was also part of the ‘radio club’ which was held in Mr Morris’s class next to Mr Henstocks room down by the metal work shop. I wrote a play and performed it, went out in Mr Morris’s hillman Californian, to contact radio ham’s on the move which you could fairly describe as the first mobile communication in a car. It would have been around 1962. Not sure if there is anything else useful to tell you, Mr Massey wore steel shoe tips (to make sure we all knew he was coming down the corridors). He got me into the Staffordshire County Youth Theatre in 1962 ending up in Crossroads etc, starting in 1966. Mr Massey was tough if you got it wrong but fair as well, and he certainly had a very good sense of humour.

Amateur radio callbook log from the Central Boys School radio club, detailing activities in October 1964. Scan kindly supplied by Tony Hancock [Suspect that was a pseudonym].

If there is anything else that I can remember I will write again.Meanwhile, I am grateful for the effort you put into your blog which is always interesting and useful. P.S. I think my brother Bob Jemison, has probably passed away now.All the best,

Thanks for writing in Keith and it’s always great to hear from readers, particularly those as longstanding as yourself. I invite comment once more on these images and hope the new date may jog a few memories – there also seems to have been very high regard for Mr. Massey over the years and the mention of him always draws positive comment.

If you can help with anything in this post, please get in touch – brownhillsbob at Googlemail dot com, hit me up on social media or comment here. My thanks and best wishes to Keith.

The original May Day post ‘Fit for a Queen’:

What a lovely photo. Linda Horobin as May Queen. Image Kindly donated by Kate Dixon and Linda Whitehouse.

Following Janet Bullock’s wonderful photo posted here a few days ago – which turns out indeed to be the May Queen celebrations at Ogley Hay Infants School in Brownhills – there was much discussion here and on social media about this traditional event, and reader Kate Dixon turned up local history gold.

Kate spoke to her mother, Linda Horobin, who is actually the May Queen in the photo and named many of the participants depicted, and not only that, supplied the above photo of the same group on the same day.

What a wonderful find and generous donation!

Kate Dixon wrote:

An absolutely beautiful school photo. from Ogley Hay Infants in the early 1960s, courtesy of Janet Bullock.

Hi Bob

My mum, Linda Horobin (now Whitehouse), is the May queen on the photo from Janet Bullock posted a few days ago.

My mum says: First girl carrying the crown is Helen Parker (I think). Then me. Behind me I’m not sure of the girl on the left. Girl on right is Anne Plumb(?) There were two more girls behind them, one is possibly Sheila Woodhouse. Can’t see the other one clearly enough (or remember!).

The previous years May Queen is Annette Wheale (not sure if spelling is correct). She had two attendants, the one on the left is Elizabeth Newman, not sure of other one.

Someone mentioned about how the May Queen was chosen. The other children in the class voted. I have other photos and will try to find them.

We have lots of other photos of this day. I have attached one here and will find out some more.

Kate Dixon

I am indebted and hugely thankful to Kate and her mum for this wonderful contribution, and I’m sure readers will have more to say, so please do – either by commenting here or mailing me. BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Once again my huge thanks to Kate and Linda for opening up this window on the past.

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2 Responses to May I make a correction?

  1. Patrick Hall says:

    I went there in 62 but dont remember any names here so could well have been before my time. I remember Kim Farley, Gary Cooper Gordon Bull Rob Whitehouse so not much help here im afraid

  2. Malcolm Jemison says:

    To correct the correction, I am Keith’s older brother Malcolm and despite his theory I’m dead, in reality I am very much alive and well. As his ex-wife knows I live very happily on the south coast of England and I am enjoying a very healthy retirement.

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