The Swan, Brownhills: Come say farewell, and welcome a new era

A great community pub revived, rejuvenated and loved by drinkers local and distant. Archive picture from 365days.

It’s been six short years since Jane and Geoff Taylor took over The Swan pub on Pelsall Road, Brownhills, transforming it from a pub long closed and thought of as lost to an absolutely banging community real ale pub.

Well, I’m sad to say that this Sunday, Jane and Geoff finally retire and will hand over to new lessees Gary and Shannon. To mark the occasion there will be riotous Ukulele band Not Quite Dead Yet playing on Sunday afternoon – so why not pop in and give them your best wishes?

Laura Taylor wrote:

Hi Bob,

Hope you’re well. My parents are leaving the Swan Pub in Brownhills on Monday 24th July and they’re having a Ukulele band on the afternoon of Sunday 23rd.

The new owners are taking over and re-opening on Tuesday 25th (Shannon Roberts and Gary Wiggin). Just wondering if you could share on your blog?

Laura Taylor

Jane posted on The Swan’s Facebook page:

On SUNDAY JULY 23rd we shall be CLOSING at 10pm. This will be Geoff and myself’s last shift so please come along and say Goodbye before we leave.

The pub will RE-OPEN on TUESDAY 25th at 4pm under the new Leaseholders (Gary & Shannon) ownership.

PLEASE give them your full support while they settle in.

I wish Jane and Geoff all the best – I’ve had many a good night in that pub under their stewardship and never regretted any of them (well, only the after effects…) – they really did achieve something I thought impossible, that of turning an empty building into a living, breathing hub of the community.

I’d also like to wish Shannon and Gary all the best for the future, too. Please do give them your support.

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2 Responses to The Swan, Brownhills: Come say farewell, and welcome a new era

  1. JANE TAYLOR says:

    Thankyou for your kind comments. Just wish I knew who you were, seeing as you have been in here on several occasions lol. Its been a bit of a rollercoaster ride BUT I think we won in the end. We have lovely customers and thank them for their support. At the moment, with having worked for nearly 5 months without a day off, we are looking forward to being able to put our feet up for a while. No doubt, once re-energised, we will miss this place. We shall of course call in occasionally for a catch up with everyone.

  2. stymaster says:

    Can’t believe it’s 6 years. Geoff and Jane made a real gem out of the pub; I’ve enjoyed every visit I’ve had (which is nowhere near often enough).

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