Flying high at the Lamp – this Saturday!

I’ll be honest – there’s been a cockup. I initially thought this event was a film screening, but it isn’t – it’s much more than that. Please disregard the earlier version of this post and read on for a great LIVE act appearing at the The Lamp in Brownhills this weekend!


Looks like fun. Image from The Foundry.

Brownhills Community Association have been busy, and recently got in touch to point out that they have a great live comedy act this weekend in The Lamp, their new arts and performance space.

Acclaimed show ‘Those Magnificent Men’ is the side-splitting story of the first transatlantic flight. The Foundry, the show’s promoters, had this to say:

It’s back! The thrilling true story of the first ever non-stop transatlantic flight as told by acclaimed writing duo Mitchell & Nixon returns in this side-splitting new production.

The Foundry Group is proud to join forces with award-winning BBC4 sketch group The Ornate Johnsons for this brand new staging of the hit play about British pioneering aviators Capt. John Alcock and Lt. Arthur Whitten Brown and their daredevil dash across the Atlantic in the tiny open cockpit of a converted Vickers biplane. In this glorified kite they flew from Newfoundland through dense fog, sleet, snow and hail – sometimes upside down – to Ireland and worldwide celebrity.

What made them do it?
Why have they been forgotten?
And how on earth can a couple of actors tell it all with just cardboard, two chairs and some left-over props?

A top-hole cast, including ‘Count Arthur Strong’s Radio Show’ and ‘This Is Jinsy’ regular David Mounfield, guarantees the show takes flight. So strap yourself in and cry ‘Chocks away!’ for a night of thrills, spills and uproarious comedy.

Doors open at 7pm, with a very limited number of tickets still available, so get in fast. Tickets are a very reasonable £5 and are available now from the Acitivity Centre office, or visit the Community Association on the web here, visit their Facebook page here, check out their Twitter here (and that of The Lamp here), or call them on 01543 452119.

The Activity Centre is what my generation would know as ‘The Annexe’ – the old Central Boy’s School, now a bustling community resource. To find out more about their events and activities, check out the newsletter above, or you can pop in or call them on 01543 452119.

The Community Association have lots of stuff going on, and loads of great facilities, right in the heart of Brownhills. I love what they’re about and all the great things they’re doing.

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