Fire from the sky

Image kindly shared by Steve Martin.

Holland Park bonfire event in full swing. Image kindly shared by Steve Martin.

The wonderful drone photographer Steve Martin, whose remarkable work I’ve featured here several times in recent months has played a real blinder and come up with a set of Brownhills photos that are by turns unique, stunning and fascinating.

Last weekend, Steve took his drone to record the annual Holland Park Bonfire and fireworks display in Brownhills, which this year was on the 12th November. I think you’ll agree, the results are amazing.

Steve also made a video of the display from  the air that took place at Rugeley Cricket Club. It’s beautiful and mesmerising – do check it out below.

Steve uses a professional-level DJI drone, and is very skilled in using it to obtain stunning images and video – the last collection of the remains of the Cannock Extension Canal was Steve’s most popular yet, and was preceded by one of Chasewater and Brownhills Common. A few months ago, I featured film and images Steve kindly shared from a daytime flight where he recreated a wonderful 1960s image of Brownhills as it is today, and later, his stunning night flight over Brownhills.

You can regularly see other examples of Steve’s work on his usual haunt, the popular and fascinating Old photos from Hednesford, Chadsmoor and Cannock group on Facebook,

Steve grew up in Brownhills where his family had the chip shop that used to be on the Lichfield Road, Brownhills for a while, and Steve has great memories of the Lichfield Road area, of which I’m still looking for old images if you know to any, please do get in touch.

Thanks to Steve for yet another beautiful gallery, and Steve is happy to talk about his work if you’re interested. You can hook up with him on Facebook here.

Comment here or mail me – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

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3 Responses to Fire from the sky

  1. Mick Bullock says:

    Don’t forget Bob we have two more people on CH & C site who are very handy with the drones too.

  2. David Evans says:

    Many thanks to Steve for these super photos, and to all those involved in staging the display….
    Kind regards

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