Urgent – Tally the cat is missing – have you seen her?


Tally is a lovely tabby. Image supplied byJoanne Kendall.

Hi folks – anyone in the area seen the above rather wonderful cat? She’s called Tally and has gone missing from Walsall Wood – her owner Joanne Kendall is missing her terribly.

There is possibly news of Tally via Anibase, but Joanne has been unable to contact them.

Joanne wrote:


This is Tally 6 year old microchipped female neutered moggy missing from the Walsall Wood WS9 since the end of last week.

I’m going crazy – if anyone has seen Tally please contact me, or just share, just need to know if she’s dead or alive & where she is.

Joanne Kendall

If’s you’ve seen this lovely puss, please contact Joanne via Facebook here, commenting here or mailing me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

Let’s see is we can get Tally home!

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  1. captainocd says:

    Let us know if they find her, Bob.

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