Have you lost some keys in Walsall Wood?


Keys found in Walsall Wood this morning, Thursday 12th May 2016. Image courtesy of Helen Andrews Birt.

Shire Oak Facebook group member Helen Andrews Birt has asked me to post an appeal on the blog – she’s found a bunch of keys in Walsall Wood yesterday morning (Thursday, 12th May 2016) at 8:30am, with a distinctive space invader keyring.

Obviously, Helen would like to get them back to their owner, who must be missing them.

Helen Andrews Birt wrote:

Keys found this morning in Walsall Wood at 8:30 am.

Can you please share to see if we can find the owner? I’ve left one of the key rings out of the picture so that the rightful owner can contact me describing what is missing, to prove they own them.

Please spread the word, and get in touch if you recognise them – you can contact Helen directly via Facebook, or if you prefer comment here, please or mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com and I’ll pass the message on. Cheers!

Thanks to Helen for being so public spirited.

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