Urgent – wallet lost in Walsall Wood

Fun to cycle down, hell to crawl up. The incline down Camen Street to Walsall Wood.

There’s a wallet lost somewhere between here at the Black Cock Bridge, and Walsall Wood High Street. Can you help, please?

Just a quick enquiry from reader Andy Hanson, of Walsall Wood, who’s had a bit of bad luck.

Hi Bob,

Shot in the dark I know, but I lost my wallet between Black Cock Bridge and Walsall Wood High Street, its a black leather fox wallet let me know if you hear of any found wallets please.

Its got my mobile number in there and address so im sure if a kind person found it they would have contacted me… But an appeal is worth a shot.


Cheers all, it’s a bugger losing your wallet. Please keep an eye out. If you want, please feel free to mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com, comment here or call the number inside the wallet.

Best of luck to Andy with the search.

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