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Image from Luxmuralis.

Thanks to local community dynamo Steve Lightfoot, I can share with readers the film which was projected onto the exterior of St. Anne’s Church, Chasetown, for this year’s Remembrance commemorations on the evening of 11th November 2015.

There has been much praise and discussion of this work on social media; it’s a truly remarkable thing and it’s no surprise that it’s by the same crew that created the film on the subject of the Chase Wakes.

The work commemorates the fallen of the area, and is a sensitive and touching tribute primarily by Peter walker (the artist behind the Scamp Memorial) and David Hill, working under the name Luxmuralis.

Luxmuralis has this to say on their website:

Luxmuralis is a collaborative team combining artists from different backgrounds and artistic disciplines – creating works across multiple media and prevention formats. Luxmuralis work with a variety of different clients from Councils to Corporate alongside developing and generating ad hoc and individual works of art.

The primary purpose of Luxmuralis is to take art onto the streets and provide access to visual artwork in public as well as unexpected places.

The teams lead artists are

Lead artist and Artistic Director : Peter Walker frsa

As a sculptor and artist Peter’s work adorns towns and cities both nationally and internationally. His art work consists of large-scale sculpture, commissioned and bespoke sculptural works as well as paintings, drawings, film, sound and light installations. Peter has vast experience in artistic direction / project management and large scale project development. Peter is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and a member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors.

His work can be viewed at

Lead artist and Composer : David Harper Msc

David Harper Msc : David is a Composer and Sound Artist. The music he writes and produces has been used for BBC and Channel 4 T.V. productions as well as for national theatre productions, and film. David also creates sound art installations which combines his musical composition with video and film and are frequently exhibited at art events, museums and in public spaces throughout the U.K. David has been commissioned to create a new series of audio and sound works in the project which will form the public art soundscapes for the new City of Sculpture project.

To listen to examples of David’s work go to:

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