Charity sale this Saturday!


I do like a good rummage sale

Hey – if you’re looking out for stuff to do this coming Saturday (24th October 2015), look no further than Brownhills Activity Centre (The old Central Boy’s School, or Annex to my generation), just off the Miner Island in Brownhills.

Happening there will be an indoor table top sale from 11am until 4pm in aid of the Olive Circle Foundation and in support of Claire Peters, the Walsall Wood lady whose fortitude in the face of cancer has resounded through the community.

There will be lots bargains with clothes, DVDs, bric a brac, cakes, books and all the usual stuff – and while you’re there you can check out what Brownhills Community Association do – from IT classes to coffee mornings.

If you pop along, why not take some pictures and send them to me so I can pop them up on the blog?


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  1. ivor230240 says:

    Hello Bob, thanks for this, I am retired and live in Wolverhampton but I grew up in Brownhills and I went to school at Central. Your information prompted me to visit the school for the first time since I left there at Easter 1955. It was good to see the inside of the building again, the hall seems so small now and I wonder how we all fitted into it.
    We had refreshments in the room that used to be Billy Hazards and where we learned French and read a bit of Shakespeare. The room was also used by a teacher called Holland who succeeded Hazard. I remember a day when the Headmaster, Harry Wright, caned the whole school because we left the chairs and benches on the sports field after sports day for the staff to carry back to the school. I also noticed that the “Torture Tree” still stands in the corner of the play ground and I remembered my initiation there! It wasn’t a bad school.

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