Crushed nuts and juice, sonny?


This looks a bit ethereal, as I’ve tried to pull the detail out a bit. Looks like a happy chap – and no doubt familiar to generations of local urchins… Image kindly supplied by Bill Mayo via David ‘two scoops’ Evans.

Rightho – it’s Sunday, it’s summer (just about; the rain is getting warmer so it must be), so what could be more appropriate than an ice cream from the travelling ice cream man?

David Evans wipes his chin on his hanky, and writes:

Hi Bob,

This is an interesting old photo which may bring back a few memories.

The Stop me and Buy One cycling independent ice cream salesmen of yesterday, indeed. This is a Mr Pinchers, of Walsall Wood, on his rounds, believed to be the early 1930s but might very well be even earlier

Apologies for the poor quality of the image, (taken from a very faded original) but a big thank your to Bill Mayo for this super summertime treat. We might be able to identify where the photo was taken, perhaps!

kind regards

Hearing of this fine discovery, Peter ‘Pedro’ Cutler put down his Mivvi and searched the newspaper archives, and found this gem:

Untitled 9

A Wall’s newspaper advert in common use in 1931. Spot the similarity – I also note daft marketing names are not a new phenomena – ‘Snofrute’ – I ask you! Image spotted by Peter ‘Pedro’ Cutler.

This is, of course, not the first local ice cream history we’ve found: there’s the footage  posted on YouTube by Desmond Burton. The clip, recorded in 1958, shows the Burton family and pals, including Sandy the dog, enjoying ice cream from Selwyn Smith. Selwyn was one of the two noted ice cream purveyors in Brownhills, the other being the Pelari family. The van is parked up outside Wordsley House, Stonnall.

Thanks to all the gentlemen involved – and if you have any memories of local ice cream, please do comment or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

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4 Responses to Crushed nuts and juice, sonny?

  1. Dave (Eddy) Edwards says:

    When I was a lad living in the prefabs in Norton Canes c1952 we had an ice cream man on a bike and also one who came round with a horse and cart. Later of course when visiting gran in Shelfield on a Sunday, we would always have a Selwyns

  2. aerreg says:

    mornin readers nice day for a stop me and buy one those penny triangular gems iliked the lime ones and who will ever forget the catshill legend selwyn smith standerwick coaches used to pull up there on their way to london then cry of ise ceam from his pony emporiom yes ise not ice and those spececial week end when dad had got a good wick in at the pit you could take a glass or cup then there was yo yo plumb his speciality a round biscuit pelairies was another bostons across the road then robinsons high street then that dream moment when you broke the bottom off your cornet and sucked it through the bottom oh happy days did i hear the word calories what was that that reminds me i must take me diabetic tablet after this or me old age sugar levels will be up god bless oh i think ive just heard mr whyppy ope he will stop so i can buy one ha ha

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