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WalsallWood Secondaryschoolgirlspelesson1952

A 1952 PE Lesson at Walsall Wood Secondary School in 1952. Image kindly supplied by John Genders via David Evans.


I have some great images coming of of Walsall Wood from the 1950s from local man John Genders, whom the young David vans has been chatting to about the village and particularly the local Boys Brigade.

The above fantastic image is just a taste: i think we all remember those school PE lessons: The wooden benches with the stacking pegs; the stacking vaulting horses; those old, cold school halls with the gloss-painted walls, big radiators and metal casement windows.

Thanks to John and David for a wonderfully evocative (and I have to say, beautifully lit) image. What do you remember of those PE classes? Can you name any of the people involved?

Hi Bob

This glorious photo is dated 1952 and shows some local secondary school girls keeping fit in a PE lesson where the teacher is a Miss Hill.

The photo was taken in the old secondary school, by Streets Corner, Walsall Wood. The building is now used as a primary school.

I would like to thank local man John Genders for offering this photo. He was able to name several of the girls… Audrey Smith, Josie Bull, Rita Stokes and Stella Warsden – but that’s Walsall Wood for you!

This school hall also served as the canteen for the primary school pupils in those days.

kind regards

If you have anything to add, please do. Comment here, or write to me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

My thanks to John and David for their time and generosity. Always appreciated.

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  1. Dave (Eddy) Edwards says:

    The very same Miss Hill still took PE when I attended the school 1955 to 1960.
    Dave (Eddy) Edwards

  2. We were lucky on the Redhouse in Aldridge in the 60s, the school was new and modern and the hall was never cold in fact it used to lean to being too warm! We had all the gym equipment and more. I remember the first time I stepped inside the hall at the Junior School and saw the iron wall bars that were attached to the wall but wheeled out for use. I couldn’t wait to be able to have a go. They were every bit as good as I thought they would be and I would spend as much time as I could rolling over the bottom bar. It took me a few years and a lot of courage to be able to stand on the bottom bar and then roll over the top. I loved PE although I was total rubbish at the vault etc.

    • Oh, yes, Linda! That rolling over the bar thing was addictive! I remember finding suitably endowed trees to repeat the experience with during the school holidays, to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Rolling over the top was a challenge too far for me, though. It’s the echoey squeak of pumps on the waxy floor that sticks in my mind.

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