Set in stone… but by who, and when?

Here’s a quick puzzle for the researchers out there, and think it’ll also be interesting to Mike Stackhouse, who I know has a particular interest in Watling Street School. A fumble in the newspaper archive has left me coming up empty – so I’m wondering if anyone knows anything about the clipping below?

Spotted by top local history ferret [Howmuch?] in the archives, it appeared I think in the Walsall Observer, but he forgot to note the date, and there was no other information in the paper.

The school in the background doesn’t look like the Watling Street School I know these days, so I’m wondering if anyone can fill in the gaps.

From the ladies hats, I’d say 1920-1940ish, but that’s a wild guess.

I’m after anything you can dig out, please. Comment here, or BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

(By the way, Mike old chap, haven’t forgotten your email – still catching up with last week!)

Watling st school

Foundation laying for a new school building at Watling Street, Brownhills – but who are the dignitaries, and when was this? Image from the Walsall Observer, supplied by top bloke [Howmuch?]

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10 Responses to Set in stone… but by who, and when?

  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    A remarkable photo…two possible names..the gentleman extreme right of the photo may be a very young George Fullelove who lived in Brownhills high Street…and the man to the left of the lady possibly a young Bill Upton who lived in Hednesford Road, Brownhills

  2. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    I wonder….Park View Wesleyan Methodist Church, Watling Street Brownhills…Sunday School room foundation stone laying ceremony….hence the presence of a good Reverend….?
    An interesting photo, to be sure.
    Kind regards

  3. Martin says:

    Hi Bob, I think David as got it, I remember my Mother telling me that the Building in the photo behind the people was the original Chapel, then called the Wesleyan Chapel after they built the new Chapel which became Park View Methodist Chapel, the original Chapel became the Sunday school. at that time Deakins , Shinglers and Dennis families would have attended and I expect they would have been a few in the photo, this may be a wild guess, but I do not think the photo as anything to do with Watling Street school.
    Kind regards Martin..

  4. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    I wonder if your kind readers might have photos of Park View chapel …..I have yet to find one despite my best efforts. There were two chapels along the watling street at one time..the other was called Mount Pleasant primitive methodist, and there was a Church mission by the parade. All three have been demolished over the years…their communities and the history of this part of Brownhills needs to be recorded and published. please can readers help
    Kind regards

  5. mickysix says:

    Hi Bob,
    I found this photo intriguing, as i did not know of a stone this big in the old school, and my first thought was that it was the Chapel (was it called St Thomas) where the Deaconess was based, as i knew this was originally the old Watling Street school, But the dress wear by the persons in photo would be after that was no longer a school. I then thought about the Chapel at the Rising Sun, but don’t have any recollection of this ever being a school. I got in touch with the Head of Watling and they came back with the fact that there is no stone of that size to be seen, so the conclusion must be that it’s somewhere else!

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