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Brian Glover’s ghost leaves a considerable impression on the local ladyfolk. Top chap, so he is…

It’s good to see that local cyclist, railwayman and blogger Aiden McHaffie has recently had some success in bringing to resolution a case of bad HGV driving, as recorded in a bike cam YouTube video.

Aiden, you’ll no doubt remember, had in a nasty cycling accident some time ago, and it’s testament to both his, and his partner Linda Mason’s fortitude and persistence that Aiden reached a resolution with West Midlands Police over the handling of his case, and through that experience helped to change the way the police deal with such issues.

Since that time, Aiden has made a good recovery, and is back on the bike again. He keeps a weather eye on cycling safety issues and it’s worth pointing out his latest blog post regarding a recent success and good response to a compliant he raised. Often, we moan about companies and their driving standards, so it’s nice to point out a positive reaction for once.

My best wishes to Linda too, who has her own trials and tribulations at the moment. I wish you both all the best.

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Click on the screen shot to visit Aiden’s blog post. While you’re there, have a look around…

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