Can we find Weston?

Please help if you can with the sad case of a lost dog – Weston went missing yesterday evening from the new flats in Brownhills by Anchor Bridge, Brownhills. His owners are missing the little chap dreadfully, please keep an eye out.


Male Shih Tzu dog, 6 months old gone missing on Thursday, 20th February 2014 at around 5:30pm . The owner has not had him very long and is very upset and missing him very much. He answers to the name of WESTON. He escaped from the balcony of the new flats on the High Street, Brownhills near Anchor Bridge. He has a black material type collar on, has one white front paw, and is otherwise grey with white chest markings.


Have you seen Weston? Please keep an eye out for this lovely chap.

A small reward will be given to the person who returns the dog back to the owner safe and well.

If you have any information can you please please contact Kim Harrison on the details below:

317 High Street, Brownhills
Home 01543 324141 
Mobile 07946 363969

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