Be vigilant: Nasty burglary in Brownhills last Sunday

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The Howdles Lane area of Brownhills is normally quiet and generally crime-free. Imagery from Bing! Maps.

Worrying news reaches me from Howdles Lane, Brownhills, up on the A5 – Karen Higgins has dropped me a line to say her home was burgled in the early hours of Sunday Morning, 9th Feruary 2014.

Karen told me the following:

Hi Bob,

We were robbed early hours of Sunday morning.

Theives entered our house and took my son’s laptop, but they also hurt my dog, which upset me an awful lot. I think we were targrted, even the police thought it strange.

I think it was someone who knew us because I left the door open for my lad.

I’ve been told by a neighbour they saw youths running from our house, which is in Howdles Lane, Brownhills. A neighbour saw  two cars that seemed suspicious –  one silver and one red. They think the thieves made away in them at about 3:00am.

I really feel targeted, I’m usually up at that time, they must have hit my dog, he barked and my husband was going to get up but his barking stopped, they did something to quieten him.

I’m really upset that they hurt Marley, can’t get over that some scum would just come into my house.


This is such an awful thing to happen. If you saw anything, or know any youths who’ve suddenly obtained a laptop with not good reason, please do talk to Walsall Police by dialling 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

This bears repeating: Please ensure you lock up well at night, replace bulbs in any non-functioning security lights, and make it as difficult as possible for ne’er do wells to get to the rear of your property. Make sure ladders are locked away, and garden tools in a place where they can’t be easily found.

This kind of incident is very rare in Brownhills, but the fact that this has occurred is concerning, so please take extra care, and please do report anything suspicious.

My best wishes to Karen and her family, and hope Marley the dog is back to his old self soon. Bastards.

If you know who these scumbags are, please do turn them in.

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9 Responses to Be vigilant: Nasty burglary in Brownhills last Sunday

  1. Paul Green says:

    I know Karen and Mark well. This is really sad to hear and another example of people who are just hell-bent on taking other peoples property instead of going to work to earn their own. Another friend of mine had his van broken into on Whitehorse Rd around the same time as Karen and Mark’s house was burgled, no doubt the same ba****ds. I have had my vehicles done over more times than I can count over the last 15 years. People who buy goods that are obviously stolen are just as bad – there is no excuse!

  2. Ade Reid says:

    Don’t know if this is the same Mark Higgins I went to the comp with in the 70s,might not be,but I hope you both and Marley are doing ok now after your terrible ordeal?I lived in Chapel Ave up until the mid 90s and I can tell you that this area of Brownhills at that time was great to live in.There were a few notorious families around that time,as have most estates but they never resorted to thieving,it was a nice estate to live on.But,times have changed and there are more scumbags out there and until we see fit to bring back capital punishment,ie,Hanging,Lethal injection,and Firing squad,these arseholes will carry on doing what they do.All the best to you and hope you and Marley get back to normality soon.Perhaps you need to look at getting a guard dog? I suggest aPit Bull/Mastiff cross…then see what happens if these scum decide to have another go..

  3. Karen says:

    Thanks both, Ade it probably is the same Mark Higgins, I’ll ask him tomorrow, he went to the Comp in the70’s. I agree Paul about people who buy obviously stolen goods are nearly as bad as the scum who stole them in the first place ,what gives these scum the right to come into your property/ vehicle’s and take your hard earned possessions and Ade I’m totally with you on the punishments, at the moment I’d carry them out. We have had so many good wishes and support,kaytee we still have a good community. Could have been worse,they left all the door’s open, Marley could have run off. Thanks Bob for posting and letting people know what happened

  4. Karen says:

    Ade, it is the same one, he said he hasn’t seen you for years, hope you are well x

  5. Ade Reid says:

    Hi both,yeah guessed it was.Im doing ok thanks.Send him my best.Hope you both trying to get back to some sort of normality,it will take a long time.Posessions can be replaced,but the other will take time.Hope Marley is getting over his ordeal?I have 11 dogs(I breed springer spaniels) and if I caught anyone hurting any of my dogs I would have to have a little talk with them..(if you know what I mean)its a certain sort of low life scum that can inflict pain on an innocent animal but hasn’t got the balls to face its owners for fear of getting a good f*****g kicking..i don’t normally advocate violence but against animals I do make an exception..All the best to you both..X

    • peter says:

      Sorry to go off topic, I mean no disrespect to Karen and Mark.
      Do you now of anyone breeding Cocker’s Ade? We are looking for a couple of Cockers by the end of this year.

      • Ade Reid says:

        Hi Peter.I do know people that breed Cockers but they don’t have any litters at the moment.Would you want them as pets (or other)?If you are happy to give Bob your e-mail address he can pass it to me.

        • Peter says:

          Hi Ade, We would want a pair of Cockers as pets, we have had Cockers previously as pets and are planning on a couple towards the end of this year, thanks for the reply and again apologies to Mark and Karen for going off topic. I’ll let Bob have my e-mail address and if he’d be so kind to pass it on to you that would be great if you got in touch please Ade.

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