Work starts on Holland Park improvements

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Holland park is a well loved local amenity at the heart of Brownhills.

I had this press release yesterday from Walsall Council, and I think it’s important to share it here. It’s nice to see Holland Park getting some love at long last – the paths and some aspects of the fabric have needed attention for a while now.

If you’re concerned, or have comments, please do contact Darren Hodgkiss on the number at the bottom.

Walsall Council said:

Contractors have started work on a range of improvements at Holland Park in Brownhills – including pathway and play area resurfacing.

The improvements are being funded by Walsall Council’s Clean and Green Services and carried out by JP Landscapes which moved on site yesterday (Monday 6 January 2014).

Park visitors will see the following changes:

  • Resurfacing of a section of the drive from the Park View Centre to the main entrance to the park, including the area currently used for car parking
  • Resurfacing of a number of paths that are poor condition, including the area in front of the toilets and the play area
  • Resurfacing of the play area safety surface
  • Removal of the metal shelter in the park extension
  • New bins and benches
  • Range of minor works to remove old slabs and crumbling brick planters
  • Landscaping work to include minor thinning works to the wooded area next to the tennis courts

Councillor Anthony Harris, portfolio holder for leisure and culture with Walsall Council Coalition, said: “We are working in partnership with the newly formed Friends of Brownhills Common and this work is part of a planned programme of improvements that are taking place across key parks in the borough.

‘Holland Park is a popular spot with people of all ages and we’re sure they’ll enjoy their visits even more thanks to these changes.

‘We are asking people to bear with us while the work is carried out and apologise for any inconvenience caused during this time.’

The work will be completed by the end of February 2014, weather permitting.

If anyone has any questions or wants to raise any concerns they are asked to contact Darren Hodgkiss, infrastructure support officer, on 01922 654374.


I think we’ve all strolled in through these gates at one time or another.

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11 Responses to Work starts on Holland Park improvements

  1. alvin cox says:

    great news. but how about cleaning the foot paths on the parade? they r in a terrible state

    • peter says:

      Lets hope the chaps and lassies get some decent weather and are not hampered too much by snow, cold, rain, wind, etc………

      Good luck to them all and thanks.

  2. peter says:

    Hi all, Maybe it’s been discussed here before, I don’t remember if it has, but “Holland” Park? How did it get the name Holland? Is it the same as the districts of the Netherlands? Does it have a connection with a family from way back when? Vigo Road used to be called “Hollanders” Lane I think, is there any connection? Any thoughts?


  3. David Evans says:

    Hi Peter
    Holland Parade is named after a local Councillor, Hyla John Holland…”main driving force.. who campaigned.. to obtain this desolate and barren land” for ” all the inhabitants of Brownhills” c 1926
    source; the book ” Brownhills, a walk into History”, by Gerald Reece, page 28

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  5. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    Brownhills Urban District Council. Meeting of the Parks and Allotments Committe, 27 Feb 1957
    minute 856 Band Concerts
    “The Engineer and Surveyor reported that the Aldridge Town Prize Band were willing to give Band performances as follows;-
    Sunday 2nd June. Holland Park and another ward
    Thursday 27th June Holland Park
    Sunday 7th July Holland Park and another ward
    Thursday 18th July Holland Park
    Sunday 11th August Holland Park and another ward
    Thursday 15th August Holland Park
    Thursday 29th August Holland Park
    It was decided that these engagements be approved”


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  7. Lenny says:

    we all hope that the upgrades to the park will bring us up to date with the surrounding areas. such as ormand, daytona and st.augastine. they have a sprinkler for the kids to play in and square basketball backboards not half moon backboards from the 60’s. as well as free public BBQ areas.

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