Watling Street School: The class of 1903

Watling St. School 1903

A class photo from Watling Street School; believed to date from 1903. Image kindly supplied by Alan Harvey.

Thanks for the great response yesterday to Adrian Reid’s enquiry for the Watling Street School anniversary book; whilst copies to own are apparently very, very thin on the ground, it seems they can at least be borrowed for study. Cheers to all who responded, I’ve emailed Adrian accordingly.

In the meantime, friend of the blog Alan Harvey sent me the above picture, with this accompanying note:

Hi Bob,

This maybe of interest to your reader who is after information on the above. It’s an old photo taken there about 1903. I’m afraid that I can’t identify any one except the little girl third in from the right, third row back; she is Agnes Deans my grandmother.

Best wishes,
Alan Harvey.

I’m not photo-retoucher, but I’ve had a go at pulling some of the detail out in Aperture. This may or may not help.

If you can put a name to anyone pictured here, or have any further material relating to Watling Street School, please do comment or email me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Cheers, as ever.

Watling St. School 1904

Not sure if that helps or not, but down the hatch… cheers to Alan Harvey for a cracking image.


Added this morning: Dave Moore also had a go at bringing up the detail – cheers, Dave!

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  1. Pedro says:

    There may be quite a bit of info on the Newspaper Archive, the first page gives the following. If it is of any interest I will have a further look.

    May 1901. Norton under Cannock Schoolboard… Watling Street boys school… The board recommended that Mr Howard Payner be appointed at a salary of £55 per Annum. The recommendation was confirmed… Appointment as assistant master at Watling Street boys school.

    Later in the same year it seems the board accepted the resignation of Mr Poynor (probably Payner), assistant master at the boys school, which was due to illness, and decided to advertise for a successor.

    Discussions concerning the heating apparatus at Watling Street School, which had been shown by various tests to be defective. Also leaky roof.

    Attendance officer reporting the past month…Watling Street boys number on books to 215, average attendance 201… Girls 186 and 166… Infants 165 and 142.

    In consequence of the continued absence of Mr Littler(could be Littley), headmaster of Central Mixed school, owing to illness, it was decided to temporally transfer Miss Jones from Watling Street School to the Central.

    Kate Wall, Watling Street school was mentioned in examination results in July 1911

  2. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    Brownhills Mount Zion Primitive Methodist Church, HIgh Street; church secretary 1893 to 1901 was
    T C Littley

    ( from church records )

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