Picture this: A lost local station

I was contacted in the week by local artist and reader Dave Dunkley who’s sent me a remarkable and lovely painting of something I was only peripherally aware existed: Rushall Station. And what’s most interesting is that Dave had painted it entirely from memory.

Rushall Station in the 1950s, painted from memory by Dave Dunkley. Click for a full size version.

Dave said:


Nice of you to reply. Firstly I don’t belong to any social media sites but regularly view yours and Hednesford in old photos facebook. Both excellent sites compared with the rest.

I have replied to your site with Brownhills cricket club who I played for in the seventies, I also found a lot of interest in an article about the Walsall to Lichfield old railway line.

I was born at Rushall at the end of the war and have fond memories of the area. With lockdown I decided to paint some scenes from Rushall from memory in watercolours.

The one attached is Rushall Station from memory in the fifties.

I spent hours on those gates trainspotting, unfortunately the station got demolished and there are no photos on the net. It’s just as I can remember it.

It will be interesting if anyone can remember the station as I have painted it. Before and with lockdown I have painted scenes from Rushall, Walsall, local canal scenes. If it gets much interest I could add these later.


Dave, can I just say this is most welcome, I absolutely love it and the idea of painting it from memory. I’d be only too happy to share your work in future, as I am honoured to do so today.

My tanks to Dave, then, and come on readers – what do you remember of Rushall Station? Can we locate an actual image perhaps?

Please do let Dave and the readership know what you remember – comment here, mail me on BrownhillsBob at googlemmil dot com or whisper in my ear on social media.

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11 Responses to Picture this: A lost local station

  1. stymaster says:

    That’s rather wonderful. I grew up in Rushall and remember the crossing and signal box well, but I’ve never seen the station, or any pictures of it, before now.

  2. FB Lycett says:

    Rember going down there in the late Forties, early Fifties to watch the trains, also liked watching the Water Voles in the brook, strange with no chimneys on the house or syove pipe on the signal box, but never the less brings back memories

  3. Tim Spiers says:

    Sadly I think that a photo of Rushall Station may even beyond Mr Pell’s powers.

  4. Pedro says:

    In 1850 Special trains are running from Birmingham, Dudley and Lichfield to Rushall Station for the Grand Illuminations of Linley Caverns, a few minutes walk away.

    The Rail Around Birmingham and the West Midlands site could not find a photograph as the station closed in 1909 and railway historians have made scant mentioned to it.

  5. Susan Cawley says:

    How lovely!! As a child my Mom used to take myself and my brother to my Grandma’s every week and we always walked across this track. We used to get so excited if the gates were closed because it meant we could stand and watch the train!! I remember the signal box really well but I don’t recall the other building. Smashing memory brought to life, love it.

  6. Jennie says:

    I live in Rushall and have for past 20 odd years. Born and grew up in Shelfield. I love local history and would like to see more of David’s paintings if he is willing to share 😊

    • Dave Dunkley says:

      Glad to share my other paintings with you as with all the other lovely comments. Ask Bob privately for my email address. Dave

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