Local or distant?

This is nice, quick one that came in at the weekend from reader and friend of the Brownhills Blog, Stuart Cowley. Stuart, you’ll recall, has written and supplied some great material on the subject of Chasewater, and his pictures and recollections of the cafe there have been very popular. Stuart went on to write wonderfully about his times in local and hospital radio.

Stuart’s other passion is Marching Jazz Bands and their history, and he wrote fascinating history of the art a few months ago.

Stuart has a great knowledge of the Jazz Band tradition in not just our area, but in general from participating as a performer in competitions, and he possesses a wealth of personal experience.

It was while researching this hobby that Stuart found this 1936 picture on Staffordshire Past Track.


Picture from Staffordshire Past Track, whose notes say: 1936 – Brownhill’s Sylvian Jazz Band on Riverway, marching towards Fairway and the River Bridge.

Also in the image notes:

The procession through Stafford ended with a fair on the town common. A prize was awarded to the best decorated entries and along the route collections were made for Stafford General Infirmary.

Our question is – since this is in Stafford – were the Sylvians from ‘our’ Brownhills, or from the Brownhills up near Longport, in the Potteries? If they’re local, what do we know about them? Are there any other pictures or items of ephemera anywhere?

As ever, comments and email welcome: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers!


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  1. Pedro says:

    There is a mention of the Brownhills Sylvian Jazz Band entertaining in August 1936 at Clayhanger.

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