Back down the old Kit Bag

I had fun over Cannock Chase yesterday, exploring the area around Wolseley Plain and the old quarries near Bevin’s Birches. It’s a great place to ride, and a challenging, beautiful landscape.

While there, I also cycled down Kitbag Hill, the sharp semi-road incline that forms part of Marquis Drive between the old RAF Hednesford and visitor’s centre and the old level crossing at Moor’s Gorse. Kitbag Hill was christened by the RAF trainees who used to have to run up and down it with fully loaded packs. It was also the way to the nearest bus stop, and the bright lights of Rugeley or Hednesford…

The level crossing has now been replaced by a swanky new footbridge due to the foot, cycle and horse traffic, and a fine thing it is too.


I’ve not explored this part of the Chase before – it’s wonderful.

For the best video quality, click on the little gear symbol in the bottom right of the video box and click the highest number that will play on your computer. Resolutions up to 1080HD high definition are available.

Both videos are shot realtime at normal speed.

The music is the Northern Soul instrumental classic ‘Fried Tomatoes’ by Just Brothers – fans of Big Beat may recognise it as being sampled in something else.

I also took the back way to Birches Valley for a cake and ice cream stop, which was very enjoyable too. This was fast – very fast – and I almost missed the turning at the bottom. Note the bit at the end that fans of Happy Dog will like.

The track used is Rodrigo Y Gabriella’s ‘Santa Domingo’ – brilliant South American guitar music.

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  1. My father was stationed at RAF Hednesford at the outbreak of WW2 and I remember him telling me about Kitbag Hill. On the day war broke out he said an armed guard was put on the camp entrance. He was off duty and away from the camp with a friend at the time. Apparently they found it a bit scary being challenged by the guards with loaded rifles on their return. He also told me about the time he nearly drowned swimming across the nearby Slitting Mill Pool (still there I think?)

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