Coming down from above

Sorry, it’s another cycle ride video, but I know lots of you enjoy them. Yesterday, on a borrowed mountain bike I headed out to Brocton Fied on Cannock Chase, and starting near the Glacial Boulder and trig point, I threw myself and the bike down into Sherbrook Valley, then followed the stream down to Stepping Stones.

After Abraham’s Valley, this is my favourite bit of Cannock Chase – open heath and copse, great views and wildlife, a really open, cinematic landscape with great tracks and fun, quite challenging riding. Do go and have a ride up there if you fancy it.


Brocton Field – a cinematic, expansive landscape.

There weren’t many folk around, and there was little wind. This was fast – really fast for me, and the above video is real time with speeds up to about 30mph. After this I could well be on the lookout for buying a offroad bike. It was an absolute blast.

For the best video quality, click on the little gear symbol in the bottom right of the video box and click the highest number that will play on your computer. Resolutions up to 1080HD high definition are available.

The track used is Loop Guru’s ‘Single Orphan First Year Camel’ – bizarre title, but a cracking groove.

While we’re on the subject of video, there’s one I want to share with readers that doesn’t really merit a post of it’s own, but as someone who’s knocked up a few piss-poor amateur videos, the skill of this has just stunned me. It’s been doing the rounds on social media for a few days now, and the editing, music and concept are just brilliant. I know it’s a product of the Visit Birmingham people, but have no idea who the designer was. This must have taken ages, and bears repeated views. There’s lots going on.

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