Walsall Peregrine Watch this Saturday!

Today, I’m doing something a bit different. This article is written by the wonderful Morgan Bowers, Senior Countryside Ranger at Walsall Council, and originally appeared on her blog. It’s so wonderful that it bears repeating here. I tried to write something, but nothing I did could match this for sheer passion and joy.

The focus is the fantastic Walsall Peregrine Watch, which takes place this Saturday, March 9th 2013, at the New Art Gallery in Walsall.

I always push this event, as I believe it’s important to show folk that wildlife isn’t just a rural thing, and that conservation, biodiversity and the wonders of the wild are everywhere, even in a post-industrial town like ours.

Please, if you can, attend this great event. And a big thank you to Morgan an the team that organise it. It really shows off one of our town’s hidden gems.

Morgan Bowers wrote:

Its that time of year again!  Every March I take part in a free event in Walsall Town Centre, where along with some of the staff from Walsall Countryside Services and volunteers from the Black Country and Staffordshire Naturalists group, I spend the day showing off Walsall’s pride and joy – our resident pair of Peregrine Falcons.

0128_Lunchtime Visitors at Tameway

Peregrinewatch always draws a crowd. Image courtesy Morgan Bowers/Walsall Wildlife.

Peregrine Watch has, to be honest, been far more successful than I anticipated.  In 2011 when I found out that the birds were often seen on the 12th floor of Tameway Tower, I thought that a day watching the birds from inside the building would be a great way to publicise the birds’ presence, and what a conservation success they are.  We set up the event with ‘sky team’ up inside the then vacant 12th floor, and ‘ground team’ outside the Town Hall tower watching the birds.  Sky team had 50+ visitors that day, and ground team 200+, and we managed to ascertain that there were not two, but three birds, one of which was probably one of 2010′s fledglings still hanging around mum and dad.


These are fascinating and lovely birds, clearly at home in the urban, built environment. Image courtesy Morgan Bowers/Walsall Wildlife.

2011 was also the year that we first inspected the Town Hall tower and found out where the birds were nesting.  That year, the female ran into some trouble, when she was found outside the library suffering from what the RSPCA determined was nerve damage, which we could only assume was poison.  She was eventually released again, but in the time she spent off the nest, her eggs had died, one in the process of hatching.


Sadly, last year’s clutch was lost. Image courtesy Morgan Bowers/Walsall Wildlife.

In 2012 the birds did not attempt to breed at the Town Hall.  In spite of this, the birds still stayed in the town centre, and Peregrine Watch II was a great success – this time held with ‘ground team’ outside the library, and ‘sky team’ on the 4th floor of the New Art Gallery, where we were joined by the birds of the S&D Falconry centre.  The Deputy Mayor visited, and an estimated 600+ people joined us on the day.


Morgan and the whole team’s enthusiasm is infectious. hess are people who adore wildlife and feel very proud of Walsall’s very own raptors.Peregrinewatch always draws a crowd. Image courtesy Morgan Bowers/Walsall Wildlife.

In an effort to encourage the birds to try to breed again, we have installed a nest box with a camera this year, and we are going to be recording their progress (if it happens!).  It may take until next year or longer for the birds to become accustomed to the nest box and use it, but all my fingers are crossed.  This year the New Art Gallery are hostingPeregrine Watch III– hard to believe that this time next week it will all be over again for another year!  We are changing some things – including the day!  This year is the first Peregrine Watch to take place on a weekend!  We will have live birds of prey joining us from the lovely people at Gentleshaw Wildlife Centre, as well as stalls from the Wildlife Trust and Focus Optics.  We’re hoping for lots more social media activity this year – as always, you can follow (and participate in) the event on twitter with the hashtag #WS1Perries – and we hope to broadcast live video feed from the event – watch this space!


A nest box fit for raising a very special family. This could work out to be better than anything on telly. Image courtesy Morgan Bowers/Walsall Wildlife.

So if you’d like to be a part of the celebrations this year, drop into the New Art Gallery on Saturday March 9th 2013 from 10am – 3pm and say ‘Hi’ to the volunteers, staff and special feathered guest stars!

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3 Responses to Walsall Peregrine Watch this Saturday!

  1. Clive says:

    I shall get myself over there Saturday, camera in hand.

  2. Pedro says:

    How times change! It wasn’t that long ago that you had to go to the seaside to see a seagull, to go out in the sticks to see a wood pigeon or a Buzzard. Now some of us are lucky to see a sparrow in the garding!

  3. anon says:

    They nested opposite station street in walsall three years ago and reared chicks. I wondered where they went to. Good they have come back to the town of Walsall.

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