Travellers at Holland Park

I’ve received a few emails, tweets and Facebook posts pointing out that travellers invaded Holland Park, Brownhills on Thursday, entering via the northern vehicle gate off The Parade, rendering the anti-vehicle barriers recently (and expensively) erected on the adjacent land irrelevant.

During a quick spin past this afternoon, Walsall Council have posted legal notices as required by due process. This is one of the areas where the authority act quickly, and suspect the encampment will be moved on within pretty short shrift.

Obviously, I’m as saddened as anyone else to see the park treated in this manner. Let’s hope for a speedy resolution, as there has been in such cases previously.

Thanks to everyone who’s let me know. This post is intended for information only.


Travellers at Holland Park, 5:00pm, Friday, 1st March 2013.

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3 Responses to Travellers at Holland Park

  1. carl says:

    Hopefully Walsall council will put something a lot more substantial in place to prevent this happening again, I am worried that the travelling community will gain access to the open space between Barnetts Lane and narrow lane as this is poorly protected against such an invasion.

    • The issue wasn’t the anti vehicle barriers, the gates which are used for normal vehicle access were opened. Not really sure what can be done about that, to be honest.

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