Lindon Road, Brownhills, closed today

I’ve had a couple of queries – in person and by mail – as to what’s happening with the roads around Brownhills over the next week or so. From a mixture of the Walsall Roadworks Update (a press release sent to folks like me) and the excellent Walsall Transport on Facebook, I can give you the following info.

  • Tomorrow, Sunday 18th November 20912 between 6:00am and 6:00pm, the Lindon Road at Anchor Bridge will be closed to traffic from the junction of the A452 High Street to Harley Close for resurfacing.
  • Next week, Monday 19th to Friday 23rd November 2012, New Road in Brownhills will also be closed from 8:00am to 6:00pm, also due to resurfacing between the A452 High Street junction and Church Road.
  • Next Sunday, 25th November 2012 between 6:00am and 6:00pm, the Lindon Road at Anchor Bridge will be closed to traffic from the junction of the A452 High Street to Harley Close to continue resurfacing works.

The closure of Lindon Road will be particularly disruptive and I would expect heavy volumes of traffic to concentrate on Friezland Lane – which, considering it’s current poor state, it is hardly appropriate for. Please take care.

I’m hoping that since there seems to be a drive on road improvement, that perhaps Brownhills High Street can be resurfaced soon. Bits of it don’t need sweeping, they need ploughing. Get your fingers out, Walsall…

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8 Responses to Lindon Road, Brownhills, closed today

  1. tkevcro says:

    I would like to thank network westmidlands for not informing passengers that no busses would be using Lindon Road and Brownhills Road during this time and would have saved myself and other passegers a wait for nothing!
    A simple sign on the bus stops would have been sufficent.

  2. tkevcro says:

    Before anybody refers to the facebook site,i’ve just clicked the link and its far from being excellent as it says the road is closed to Harley Close so why the buses not use Friezeland Lane then?
    I can tell you why because the whole of Lindon Rd and Brownhills Rd were closed and divisions in place.Thats planning for you!

    • Hi

      The Facebook site is excellent and is doing it’s job of alerting folk to roadworks. NX busses were routed away from Freizland Lane by the operator, which is outside the control of the council.
      In running the post I was attempting to provide a useful service. I do this in good faith, using the available info. I’d always recommend checking with Centro to assess the changes in public transport arrangements.

  3. tkevcro says:

    As I said the whole of Lindon Rd and Brownhills Rd were closed at both ends and diversions in place so the buses were diverted away anyway thats no reason not to inform passengers by posting a note on the bus stops.Not all people have the internet to find wrong infomation if they can.

    • My apologies, I’ll not bother running these again.

      • tkevcro says:

        My apologies,Bob i’m not blaming you for passing on the info,my main point is the NX buses keeping passengers informed.Its not the first time this has happened.

        • Walsall Transport only offer advance warning about roadworks, and the expected limits of them. Because it’s an advance notice service, stuff can happen that changes conditions on the ground. Walsall Transport can’t, and made no attempt to, say what the effect in busses would be.
          NX West Mids have an aversion to using Freizland Lane, if you remember, they withdrew their service that used it citing concerns about navigability.
          I’d always recommend phoning them or Centro before travelling under such conditions.

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