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I’ve just had this one come in this afternoon from reader, contributor and all round top chap David Evans. It’s jarred me awake a little, as I know a reader locally to be researching this very subject, so I’m posting this up to see what other folks have.

David sent me the following:

The Ivy House – as many of us will remember it. Picture supplied by David Evans.

Hi Bob

A very rare photo of the Ivy House, the off licence that stood at Streets Corner, Walsall Wood, on the Lichfield Road at the foot of Shire Oak Hill. This shop was by the Street family’s thatched cottage, (just out of shot) but this photo shows Mrs Proffitt’s house. She gave a clear written description of the thatched cottage in her childhood memoirs which are published in Margaret Brice’s Short History of Walsall Wood booklet, ISBN 0 946652015, (1982) a booklet that is sadly out of print. [It’s so rare, I can find no trace of it on the web at all – Bob]

kind regards


It’s worth noting that the plaque from the Ivy House was saved from the demolished building early last decade, and incorporated into the modern block of apartments that now stand on Streets Corner, in the footprint of the original Ivy House. It’s rare to see such heritage carried forward, and I hope similar can be arranged for the Warreners Arms, as I suggested last week.

It’s a lovely photo, and wonder if there are any more out there? All contributions, are as ever, invited and welcomed.

The Margaret Brice book is one that’s on the wish list – if anyone has a copy and could scan or transcribe it, that would be magic. As a side note, are either Margaret or Betty Fox still around? I know both taught in Walsall Wood, I think – maybe St. Johns School? Both were very engaged with local history for a time and both have publications to their name, but like so many local historians, they seem somewhat elusive. I think Betty Fox lived in the houses behind the Council House near the entrance of Holland Park for a while, but I could be wrong.

Thanks to David for that one, I suspect it may well help another reader…

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5 Responses to The Ivy League

  1. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    the article “Divine water” shows Streets cottage…I wonder if this photo was taken at King George Vi Coronation?

    • Nick Hitchcock says:

      Probably not the best place to get in contact … but … I’m related to Enoch Pagett through his younger brother William. William is my great grandfather. Wiliiam went on to have a number of children including another set of Enoch’s and William’s. William and his wife Catherine had another son called Ralph who died in 1947 after managing to survive postings to North Africa and continental Europe in WW2. Ralph’s only child Katy is my mum. I am trying to find out more about my family. Can you help? Can I help you too with information and maybe photos of my family. My email address is if you can help me David.

  2. Steve says:

    Hi Bob
    There was a outbuilding behind the off licence I was told by my mother that someone committed suicide by hanging in that building or was she just saying that to keep us away .

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  4. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    I understand that the large gentleman wearing black and standing behind the car was a Mr Lane and that his chauffeur was a Mr Harrison, who lived in the lodge to Mr Lane’s farm , in Sandhills, Walsall Wood. I have read somewhere that Mr Lane was also the proud owner and rider of an Indian motorcycle.
    Kind regards

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