Fancy something a bit different this weekend?

If you don’t fancy doing the English tea party and cucumber sandwich thing this weekend, I can recommend Walsall’s Caldmore Village Festival. It’s been running for a good few years now and just gets better and better.

This event takes place this year all weekend from Saturday through until Monday night. That’s the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of June 2012, and offers a host of food, fun, entertainment and music all throughout Caldmore. This is a great chance to see the best of a fascinating and diverse area of Walsall, so if you want to see the finest stuff that a massively multicultural community has to offer, please do pop along. There will be great entertainment there for the whole family.

If you want to take a look at the events programme, it’s available here or by clicking the cover image below.

If you pop along to any Jubilee event this weekend, why not take a few snaps and let me know how you enjoyed it? Mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Click on the program cover to download your own copy in PDF format.

Caldmore Village Diamond Jubilee Festival is here!

The Festival is, once again. over three days. As well as an action packed line up of local performers, artists from Britain and around the world. we will be hosting Walsall’s celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on the Festival stage on Monday 4th June at 3.30pm. Everyone is welcome to come and join the Diamond Jubilee procession at 1:30pm from Walsall Town Centre up to the Festival. Why not dress up as a King or Queen. Prince, a Princess, Maharajah or Calif to take part in this once in a lifetime fun event!

We present ‘A Taste Of Caldmore’, hot food cooked in front of your eyes during the festival. We have Crepes from France. savouries and Kulfi from South East Asia, sausages from Poland and of course, crisps, pop and cake from England!

Children and families are invited to take part in our fun workshops dotted around the site. Do enjoy the rides and the stalls, have your photo portrait taken at the Village Hub on Caldmore Green. Let us know what you think of the Festival, the Mela and the community garden by speaking with our roving reporters.

We must thank our sponsors, friends and helpers who all contribute with money, time effort and equipment to make this incredible event happen. Without them there would be nothing for you to see and without you, all this effort would be in vain!

Thanks for coming. Enjoy the festival. Tell your friends and families. Facebook and Tweet your thoughts and pictures of your time at Caldmore Village Diamond Jubilee Festival. Let’s let the world know that Caldmore Village is on the map!

Have a great time!

Will Loescher, Chairman

Caldmore Village Diamond Jubilee Festival.

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