Here’s an interesting curio supplied by blog reader and contributor Pat Lynk, and kindly scanned by local history magnet (magnate?) David Evans.I don’t know who wrote it or why, but it seems to date from the 1980’s. It’s quite an expansive pamphlet/booklet on local history.

It puts me in mind of the illicit, photocopied or spirit duplicated fanzines, political leaflets and other counterculture stuff that used to circulate in the period before mass use of computers.

I suspect it might be an ‘A’ level or University project. Whatever, it’s very interesting.

David wrote the following in his covering email:

HI Bob
Dear Pat Lynk has let me borrow this booklet… typed and gestetner copied by the look of it. I‘d estimate mid 1980s.
It names the sources!
Would you and your blog readers like me to scan the booklet?
It may or may not be 100% accurate..!
There are a few maps in the booklet
Interested?  He said, rolling up his sleeves…
I’ve assembled the book into a PDF file (Adobe reader or similar required, but you probably have that already). You can download the book from this link (about 6 meg, could take a while) or click the cover image below.
Thanks to Pat and David. What a curious thing. If anyone has seen this publication before, or knows who wrote it, please do get in touch.

I can smell the duplicator fluid and hear a typewriter clattering away. Lovely. Click to download a PDF version.


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2 Responses to Samizdat

  1. Pedro says:

    Having downloaded the info in order to browse through it, I read the first paragraphs. Something sounded a little familiar.

    Looking at the sources, I see a reference to a book by F Wilmore 1887, A History of Walsall and its near neighbours. I had looked quickly at this book via an App for the iPad…British Library 19C Books!

    As the paper contains a wealth of information, and the way it is set out, my guess would be that it would be a project undertaken during a University course.

    Something you would expect to come across on this site!

    All the best Pedro

  2. Barry Carpenter says:

    I used to love the smell of meths in the morning!

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