Wreckage, recorded

Image very generously donated by Peter Booth.

Image very generously donated by Peter Booth.

That great photographer and recorder of local history Peter Booth has sent me another fascinating tranche of local photos of something I thought I’d never see – an urban exploration of the derelict Chasewater Stadium in what must be the middle to late 1980s.

Peter Booth is a remarkable photographer with a genuine talent and has previously supplied black and white galleries of Brownhills, and also one in full colour. A few months ago, Peter also sent in a stunning set of a late 1970s Brownhills carnival.

It’s worth remembering that Peter here was working with conventional film, not digital.

Peter said:

Hello Bob

Have come across some photos I took back in the mid eighties of the derelict Chasewater stadium, thought you might be intrested in them.

Shows what a state of disrepair they let it fall into before it was demolished for the toll road .

Peter Booth

Thanks once again to Peter for another astonishing set that’s sure to spark a few memories – not just from trotting racegoers, but probably from kids who used to hang out in the wreckage, too…

It’s a pleasure and an honour to feature material of this quality here.

If readers have anything to add, please do comment here or mail me: Brownhillsbob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

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15 Responses to Wreckage, recorded

  1. stuart says:

    Morning Chap,

    Sad to see, I can remember going on the opening night with my Father and uncle, you wouldn’t have thought it would end up like that, interesting to see though.


  2. Ade Reid says:

    Superb photos Peter.Brings back a lot of happy memories for me when the stadium was up and running.I could hear the sound of the crowd when the trotting races were on,living in Chapel Avenue.Many thanks..

  3. Mick Bullock says:

    Please correct me if I’m wrong but the M6 toll,as far as I recall,had nothing to do with the demolition,it was at least 20 years away and the line of it was nowhere near the stadium.
    This in no way distracts from the brilliant quality of Peter’s excellent photos.

  4. Interesting. The stadium had gone by the time of the 1999 get mapping aerial survey, but there was still disturbed ground there.

    LR records show acquisition in 1997 in prep for toll road, which crossed north of site. Suspect it was demolished on acquisition to remove nuisance.

    Can anyone add to this please?


    • stuart says:

      My uncle lived in Pinewood close and I can remember him bringing out various maps at times regarding the road,planning stage from early consultation seemed to go on for years with various changes including the location of the service station,can’t pin it down to actual dates though.

  5. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    excellent! Many thanks to Peter
    kind regards

  6. Lesley jones says:

    Not only trotting racegoers but also greyhound racing took place. My dad john bailes raced them with all the family helping out. I used to type up the programs

  7. dawn hendon says:

    So many memories, I lived in Chapel Street as a girl, so used to be fascinated when the lights were on, used to scare me when it started to fall into disrepair, my grandad owed the steel works on wailing street making wheel barrows Deeley’s .

  8. Linda says:

    I used t it and listen to the horses go around on the track and then ther was the motor scrambling we lived at the end house up the gully in Whitehorse road seems like a very long time ago probably about 40 years ago my how time flys

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