Pictures from today’s MGs in the Trees event at Chasewater

I’m not much of a petrol head, really, as regular readers will have worked out. I do, however, love old cars and car shows, particularly local ones like the Chasewater Transport Show. Since it was such a bright sunny day today, I hopped along to the MG event I advertised yesterday.

I’ve always had a soft spot for MG cars, particularly the BGT (the earlier model for me, the one with chrome bumpers) – I know that they’re derided in some circles, but I just love the appearance and feel of this classic 70’s motor. Thankfully, there were plenty there, as well as examples of virtually every variety of MG conceivable, from the earliest classics to the latest MGF sports cars.

I love to see people display their hobbies – not enough folk seem to have them anymore, and these folks really cherished their vehicles. My thanks to the South Staffordshire MG Owners Club for a wonderful event. It seemed well attended, and although, naturally, much smaller than the more general Transport Show, it was just as friendly and fun.

Look forward to visiting again next year. My love affair with the BGT continues…

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3 Responses to Pictures from today’s MGs in the Trees event at Chasewater

  1. Chris Hill says:


  2. Steve says:

    Although I didn’t have chance to nip down to the show, I did see plenty driving about yesterday afternoon. They looked really nice.

  3. finbofinbo says:

    Wish I’d have realised the show was on! Had a BGT from 1995-2008 albeit the later 1980 model with rubber bumpers. Was un-nickable as anyone else would’ve stalled it driving it off. Many happy memories.

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