Are they listening?

I note with interest that someone appears to be listening down at Chasewater. Earlier in the month, I complained about the new anti-vehicle barrier erected on the dam road to prevent cars pulling down into the canal basin and Nine-Foot Lay-by.Whilst I support this barrier – it makes absolute sense, as anti-social behaviour was an issue here previously – I railed at the fact that the barrel-and-post improvisation had been made in such a way that it rendered passage by cyclists very difficult. Those not knowing of the barrier would be forced to go all the way back and use the dam path, potentially causing conflict with pedestrians.

Thankfully, someone with a hacksaw has spotted the problem and lopped the extended bar off, which is excellent. I’m not arrogant enough to think it was because of this blog, but it’s nice to see the rangers and powers that be listening to park users who ave been complaining about this bitterly.

I’m not sure if the other issue raised in that post has been sorted – the gravel repair the the trail on the north heath – but I hope so. I haven’t been that way for a week or so and it was just too wet to be slithering over the north heath last night.

To the people responsible for this sensible and considerate modification, I say thank you. It’s what was needed. Cheers.

Sense prevails. How the barrier looked last night, 22nd April 2012. Someone - I Presume the park rangers - have cut the extended pole from the side of this barrel so folk on bikes can get round. Spiffing job.

How the barrier looked on the 7th April 2012. Note the long protruding pole either side.

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5 Responses to Are they listening?

  1. Trevor Brown says:

    Hi Bob are the two photos that are shown at the same place? I don’t think they are
    , Trevor

    • Yes, exactly the same place, I’m not going mad just yet. Just different angles. In the top one I’m halfway up the bank with my back to the valve house, facing where the camera would be in the bottom shot. Note the patched tarmac behind the barrel and the yellow inspection well cover in front. They haven’t moved a jot.

      Just different camera positions.


  2. Trevor Brown says:

    sorry Bob wrong again, story of my life

    • You’re alright, I can see why it looks different. It was a very wet night on Sunday, and it was raining quite heavily. If i faced the same direction as the original image, the lens got spattered with raindrops 😉

      Best wishes


  3. Andy Dennis says:

    Good result! I would take the credit, or at least imply it, you know, “reported here first …”.

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