Spring. There’s certainly something in the air.

Today, I set our for a short ride in the snow at 10:30am. Just a potter, things to do, you know how it is. I came back at 6pm. A nice 55 mile run through a chilly,lightly snow-dusted but sunny South Staffordshire. Plenty of stopping to nose around, investigate and take in the sights. This was my first long ride of the year, and the first since I’d been ill. I fell in love with the bike again. I fell in love with the countryside again. Every year, it gets me, spring unwinds it’s green tendrils to capture me, then seduces with warm sun on my back, fresh air in my lungs and energy in my legs. But it never felt as good as it did today. I feel better, really well. For the first time in ages. I make no apologies for posting so many pictures – it was glorious out there.

Spring? Bring it on.

Wyrley & Essington Canal, looking towards the former Smith's Mill, Catshill, Brownhills. 11:02am, Sunday, 19th February 2012.

Bullmoor Lane, Hilton, looking towards Wall. 11:58am, Sunday, 19th February 2012.

Freshley ploughed potato beds, Packington Moor, Near Weeford. 1:17pm, Sunday, 19th February 2012.

Croxall Hall and dovecote, taxed in the 16th century as having '16 hearths'. Real old England. 2:24pm, Sunday, 19th February 2012.

The remarkable church at Harlaston. Always loved this one. 2:56pm, Sunday, 19th February 2012.

Harlaston Royal Observer Core post. This is a small, derelict nuclear bunker, from the days of mutual assured destruction. Still sends me cold, but darkly fascinating. 3:15pm, Sunday, 19th February 2012.

Trees shivering in a naked row... as Joni Mitchell put it. Near Footherley. 5:04pm, Sunday, 19th February 2012.

The converted barn at Lower Stonnall still has no residents after three years. Sad. 5:11pm, Sunday, 19th February 2012.

It's a long, chilly climb out of Stonnall, and there's still snow on the rooftops here. 5:15pm, Sunday, 19th February 2012.

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7 Responses to Spring. There’s certainly something in the air.

  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    super photos…and good to know you are fully recovered.

  2. Facade66 says:

    Glad that you are well.

    Found this about Harlaston Royal Observer Core post (pic 6)


  3. Where exactly in Harlaston is the ROC post, Bob?

  4. Hi Richard

    Soryy, I forgot. It’s at

    OS NGR SK19640978


    52°41’7.32″N, 1°42’40.06″W



  5. MILESY says:

    Hi Bob!
    Great photos as always and i know this is a little late but could you tell me where abouts the derelict nuclear bunker is as i live in stonnall and would live to ride up and take a look.

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