Happy New Year from The Swan, Brownhills.

I’ve had a great message from Jane Taylor, the landlady of the reinvigorated Swan pub in Pelsall Road, Brownhills. It’s a cracking house and has won favour from all I’ve known who’ve visited – expert ale arse The Stymaster loves it, and I had a great evening there a few weeks ago. Please do pop in, it’s a great night and the beer and atmosphere are wonderful.

Geoff, Jane and their daughter Abbey and partner Cliff who work the bar.

Hi Bob.

Happy New Year.

Just thought I’d drop you a quick email with updates for the pub (The Swan, Brownhills). Our cask ales are doing really well. Holdens Golden Glow has sold so well that we have decided to keep it on permanently. We rotate two other real ales. We have so far used Beowulf for his Beorma and The Backyard Brewhouse for their Gold and The Hoard. Currently we have Wells Bombardier and Black Sheep Bitter. We have tried to get Bathams but they don’t appear to sell outside of their own pubs which seems a pity as I’ve heard its really good.

Anyway, Christmas went really well considering the recession and New Years Eve was a challenge. We made it ‘tickets only’ at £10 each which included the first drink and a cold buffet. It seems a lot of people don’t think they should pay to use their local which is a shame. We did, however, sell nearly 40+ tickets and had a great night. Many of those that bought tickets were customers from our previous pub (The Prince of Wales). They had no issue with it being tickets only thankfully.

Having only had 9 weeks to prepare for the festivities everything was a bit rushed but we’re not really into the disco/karoake scene anyway. I don’t think we’re alone on this. We aim for a ‘get together with family and friends evening’ where you can talk without having to shout above loud music. Anyway it turned out well in the end and we got to bed at 03.30 to get up again at 08.30 to start all over again. We need more customers (who doesn’t?) so any help from yourself via your blogs would be much appreciated.

Best wishes


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4 Responses to Happy New Year from The Swan, Brownhills.

  1. Mick P says:

    Holdens? Beowulf? Backyard Brewhouse? Sounds excellent. I’m slightly ashamed to say that when I was back over Christmas I didn’t get chance to pop in, even though I’d intended to. I’ll certainly be in there when I’m back in Pelsall in the spring. Well done and good luck to Jane and Co.

  2. Ade says:

    I’ve known Geoff and Jane for a long time and it’s great there back in the pub trade, it’s just what Brownhills needs a well run pub for drinkers and a landlord that runs the pub and not the punters……………..

  3. carl says:

    Didn’t realise it was doing so well, maybe I should make it my local….however I rarely go out JUST for a beer or two, evenings out usually involve wine and food these days

  4. jane taylor says:

    Does anybody have any information on a ‘ghost’ thats here at The Swan? We’ve been told of a young girl (Lucy) that once lived here who was killed by a horse and cart outside (when it was a mere dirt track) but information is sketchy. I ask because last night we witnessed orbs flying around in the pool room. Its on the cctv so has been taped and, believe me, there is no doubting what we saw. Would love to know more if anybody has any information. My only other thought was that we lost our 13 year old British Bulldog this week and it might have been her letting us know that she’s ok now?? Wishful thinking maybe but comforting none the less.

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