The gloves are on

A couple of great old photos have been sent in by David Evan. He’s been talking at some length to fellow reader Daryl Preston, who also supplied the fantastic Royal Oak picture from last week and did so much to illuminate the darkness surrounding the mystery of The Fold.

Both images are, I believe. of young boxers from Walsall Wood Secondary School, just after the war. As usual, I’ll let David explain.

1946 boxing team group photo. My, that rationing diet shows - not an ounce of fat to be seen. Image kindly supplied by Daryl Preston via David Evans.

Of the above, David had this to say:

Hi Bob

This photo shows the Walsall Wood Secondary School boxers, and is dated 1946/47. I wonder if readers can kindly help to identify and name the budding pugilists, please?

kind regards


This is a very special image. Note the dapper, aloof, fearsome looking young teacher, the school building, familiar to many of us today as the Walsall Wood Youth Club. The Witches Hat over the playground fence. Photo very kindly supplied by Daryl Preston.

And for this one:

Hi Bob

This very rare photo is dated 1946 and, like the other photo of the boxers, has been kindly offered by Darryl Preston , a local lad, who’s actually in the photo!

We have the following names:

Back row: B. Jennings, Godfrey, Mason, Philips, H. Hunt

Middle row: B. Douglas, M .Llewellyn, J. Briggs, B. Copeland, F. Ball, Evans

Front row: Hinton, R. Riggs, Cross, D. Preston, B. Swain, P. Harper

It is interesting to note the building behind the group, the distant houses in Coppice Road, and one of the playground equipment, which some readers may remember…

I would like to thank Darryl for his kindness in offering these photos.

kind regards


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5 Responses to The gloves are on

  1. David Oakley says:

    Hi David,
    Great photos, courtesy of Daryl Preston, (Did he have an older brother, I wonder?). On the second photo front row , young Hinton’s first name was Ronnie who lived in Vigo Road, young Evans was Alan, also from Vigo Road and young Cross was Philip who lived in Coronation Road. Brian Swain appears in both photos, back row, second from right in the first photo and lived in Salters Road, His father, Bill, went on to become a councillor, post-war, on the old B,U.D.C.
    The “Witches hat” foxed me for a moment, then I recognised it as the top of what we used to refer to as the “Frying pan”. I spent many happy hours there and remember when it was enclosed by stout metal railings. These were taken down early in the war when the country was seriously short of metal to make tanks, guns, etc.
    Regards, David.

  2. David Evans says:

    Hi David
    many thanks…..two House of Prayer names to tease you, perhaps; Teece and Scragg…? kind regards, David

    • David Oakley says:

      Hi David,
      I think you must have a “memory mine” in your garden, full of these little gems you continually produce ! Ted Teece and Joe Scragg were both “Elders” of the House of Prayer. Ted or Teddy as he was better known. lived in Brownhills Road and Joe Scragg lived about half way up Shire Oak Hill. Joe was a driver with Collins Express Services for some years and together with Charlie Cope of Beechtree Road, virtually ran the little chapel in the ’30’s and ’40’s, although it was originally founded by Ira Craddock, a member of the well-known Craddock family of whom, I believe, C.T. Craddock of “Brownhills Celebrated Supply Stores” was a member.
      So there you go, David, activating another little corner of this rather ancient brain !!
      Kind regards,


    • David Lawrance says:

      I think that Mr teece should read Mr Preace

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