Going soft in his old age…

Just a quick note to flag up fellow Walsall blogger and agent provocateur The Plastic Hippo and a great post he published yesterday evening. The usually reassuringly grumpy commentator has clearly started to go a bit doolally in his dotage. What else can explain his apparent love for his adopted dog? Have the spin-doctors got him? Have Walsall Council’s press office been slipping prozac in the old water-buffalo’s lager? It surely is a wonder.

While you’re over there, do check out his recent posts. He’s really on form at the moment, and rarely has a truer word been spoken about the political situation in Walsall.

I’ll resume normal service this evening…

I think the happy squad kidnapped him and hot-wired his brain. Click on the screenshot to visit the original article.
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  1. Brilliant post and oh, so true. Thanks for sharing.

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