This just in from the ‘Not for a big gold clock’ department, thought I’d share it here. Makes my bike cams look a bit tame. Best not watched if you’re queasy about heights… about the only thing I have in common with these guys is that we use the same type of camera. They’re either mad, or posess balls the size of King Kong.

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3 Responses to Vertigo

  1. stymaster says:

    I don’t think I’d even walk that….

    It’s not on a bike, but for a similarly vertigo-inducing watch, have a look at this video of a walk along the Camino Del Rey.

  2. D.Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    ouch! what a super video! Do you know where it was the Rockies?

    • It’s tagged both Austria and Grand Canyon. Since the title broadly translates as Bicycle tour, I suspect it’s the Grand Canyon by an Austrian team, but it’s just a guess. Their channel is posted in a Germanic language.

      My favourite comment on this at YouTube has to be ‘Who made this path? The Smurfs?’

      Worth pointing out that there’s some expensive bikes, there. I would suggest these ain’t amateurs. I couldn’t ride that in a month of Sundays…

      Best wishes


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