Get ready for the burn

Walsall's sponsorship deals are beginning to take the piss... from Cake or Death.

For those interested, the Brownhills bonfire night event in Holland Park will take place on Saturday, November 5th. There will be a display and bonfire. Fireworks begin at 8pm, but please note, there will be no alcohol permitted on site. In the meantime, rangers are after donations of pallets and wood for the burn-up, so if you can help, please do contact them.

Please support this event, as last year there was a degree of speculation that it may have been our last. Thankfully, council bosses have since begun to realise just how deeply unpopular all this talk of austerity is, and have even reinstated Christmas celebrations and the Christmas Tree in Walsall town centre this year after the embarrassing debacle of last year when we were too hard up, apparently, and the civic hat ended up being passed round in order to provide a tree.

I’d link to the page on Walsall Council’s website detailing the event, but the site is so badly broken that it’ll only turn up details of the 2009 and 2010 events. Wonderful. Thankfully there’s a page on Walsall People instead

 Walsall Council PR 6746 06/09/2011 [For Immediate Release]

Park rangers in pallet plea

Hundreds of wooden pallets are being sought by Walsall Council’s park rangers as they get to work on the season’s bonfires.

Bonfires are being held at King George V Playing Fields, Bloxwich, on Saturday 29 October, Holland Park, Brownhills, on Saturday 5 November and Willenhall Memorial Park on Saturday 12 November.

And the rangers need hundreds of wooden pallets so they can create three events to remember.

John Millard, Walsall Council senior park ranger, said: “We appreciate that Bonfire Night seems a million miles away but we have to make our plea for pallets as soon as possible.

“The three bonfires are all a decent size and need hundreds of wooden pallets to make them so.

“We have been well supported in the past by businesses from all over Walsall, as well as slightly further afield, and we hope to attract the same level of support this year.

“We are asking any factories, supermarkets or warehouses that have any unwanted pallets, to please donate and deliver them to us.”

Hundreds of people visit the borough’s bonfires every year as they offer a family event in a safe environment.

Anyone who is able to donate and deliver pallets should contact senior park rangers John Millard on 07736 388409 or John Morris on 07736 388418.

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  1. Won’t be around this year, as we’re away that weekend. A good time was had last year though, and can recommend it.

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