Brownhills – Just one photo! (via Chasewater Stuff’s Railway Blog)

While we’re on the subject of images from the past, over in the steamy, oily corner of Chasewater, top rail and local historian Chasewaterstuff has dug out a gem. I’ll not comment too much, but I’d be interested to see who remembers this demolished pub fitted out like this. As I’ve said before, not much seems to be recorded of The Railway Tavern, so this is a real find.
I tip my hat to Chasewaterstuff – while you’re over there, do check out his blog, there’s some fantastic stuff.

Brownhills - Just one photo! The Railway Tavern… One of the members of the Chasewater Railway had a clearout of magazines and brought some of the old ones into the museum to sell or keep.  I had to go through them all of course – great stuff! One picture more than any other took my interest – the Railway Tavern formerly in Lichfield Road.This photo was taken from the ‘Railway Forum’ of 1970 I can only remember going to this pub once.  There was a Darts League Dinner and Presentation … Read More

via Chasewater Stuff’s Railway Blog

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4 Responses to Brownhills – Just one photo! (via Chasewater Stuff’s Railway Blog)

  1. Godfrey Hucker says:

    Hello Bob Yes I remember going in the Railway Tavern a few times when it was like in the photo. Brian Marklew who owned the bookies used to sing in there went I frequented the establishment. Regards Godfrey oakparkrunner

  2. antony brindley says:

    Hi, Bob.

    I, remember the railway tavern lichfield road, back in early
    I, worked at Idiens & Hopley builders at the time.

    I, was sent to do some decorating at the pub.
    I, had a life changing experience that day.

    Has being 18 at the time I, had my first pint of GUINESS.
    Cheers BOB.

  3. CAZ says:

    l also remember drinking in one of the carriages but at the time it was quite dead………not long after they were pulled out and it became a local hotspot…….the disco was jam packed every week

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