From the ‘You heard it here first’ department

Thanks to several people who alerted me on Twatter and Facebook, I note that the Walsall Express & Star yet again finds itself churning the Brownhills Blog for stories. First featured here after a discussion on twatter,  the article about the preserved bar from The Warreners Arms in Brownhills was published on 4th February, 2011 after Josh Williams kindly granted permission for me to do so.

rom this very blog, 4th February 2011. Click image to see the original article.

Fast forward to the 17th February, and the Express & Star had contacted Josh to do do their own feature. Nice to see that a raggedy arsed blog like this continues to serve as a substitute for real research up at the esteemed evening local. It’s wonderful almost beyond words that salaried journos continue to draw cues from the unpaid amateurs they so often scorn. It seems we’re all in the big society now.

It would be nice, however, if the local hacks decided to swipe some of the more serious issues from the local blog community – however, mainly being about stuff like education cuts, our decidedly pisspoor council, it’s increasingly flipflop leader, and genuine social concern, it’s probably all a bit off-message for the decidedly right wing conservative strokers up in the Express & Star editorial suite. Which is a shame., really.

Screenshot from the Express & Star website, 17th February 2011. Nice to know you're still reading, chaps. Click the image to see the original page.

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3 Responses to From the ‘You heard it here first’ department

  1. The Edditer says:

    Why Bob, surely you wouldn’t deprive Bloxwich rag readers of the highlight of their news week?

    – Photo courtesy Josh Williams – (note the acknowledgement)

    Seriously, though – this means the E&S can hardly complain if we pinch their stories, fair do’s after all…

  2. Bob says:

    Bet they don’t reprint this post, Bob.

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