Fables of the reconstruction

I notice during recent travels, that a couple of local, formerly derelict buildings seem to be under new ownership and renovation seems to be the order of the day. I don’t know anything about either site, and would welcome any information to share with readers of the Brownhills Blog.

The pub formerly known as 'The Trooper' - closed and boarded up for a long time, now renovated. 4:28pm, Saturday, 8th May 2010.

The pub in the little village of Wall, ‘The Trooper’, has been boarded up since Christmas, the second period of abandonment in it’s recent history. Once a popular locals’ boozer, it underwent a series of transitions in the last 20 years that insensitively removed the homely, intimate bar and converted the pub almost totally into a restaurant. Sadly, it has never seemed to find success since, and it looked like a forlorn, derelict future was in store. Like many pubs in the area, it’s remote location and the general decline of the licensed trade seem to have finished it off for good.  This large building, within sizeable grounds, appears to have now been sold. I noted yesterday that the boards had gone, and the exterior had been well decorated. There’s very little evidence to suggest the planned use, but I suspect it won’t be a pub. It’s a handsome house with a fascinating roofline, a landmark across the plain to the south for some miles. It’s nice to see such a significant building entering a new phase, with owners who care for it. I wish them well.

Highfields Farm, Chasewater. 4:51pm, Friday, 7th May 2010.

I’ve noticed activity at the old Highfields Farm, near Chasewater, on several occasions recently. The yard has been cleared of rubbish, the buildings and driveway secured, and often vehicles and workmen seem to be milling around. I can’t find any planning applications for the site, so I have no idea what may be intended for the old farm. If you have any information, please feel free to contribute.

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