Reporting potholes

With the ongoing issue of potholes and their lack of, or inadequate repair, I’ve been thinking about the best way to report them to Walsall Council. One of the easiest ways that blog readers can do so is to use Fixmystreet – a free, easy to use facility that allows you to pinpoint the exact location of an issue and then report it automatically to the relevant authority. It can be used for complaints anywhere in Great Britain and will automatically work out who to send notification to. The service can be used anonymously if you prefer, and will continue to prompt you by email every few weeks to check if anything has been done. There’s even an iPhone app available…

The idea of using Fixmystreet is simple – rather than just reporting a pothole to the council, this method sends the complaint, then records a dated, publicly accessible timeline which can be referenced by any member of the public. That way, it cannot be denied that your issue has been reported. Instructions on how to use the site, and a list of frequently asked questions are included on their homepage.

This will not necessarily lead to an immediate solution, but at least an impartial will exist with a history of issues being reported. Get logging, folks!

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  • Ke

    Great to hear about the Fix My Street site. I’m going to have an intensive and interesting few days photographing and logging all the potholes in this area (and beyond if I get the ‘bug’) and reporting the damn things to the Council.

    Sad? Not really, just fed up of them and the damage they are causing to my car and yours.

    Get out there and log your potholes and problems.


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